What is the difference between modern wooden door and traditional wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-30

now many families have installed the wooden door, green environmental protection not only, also brought a different style in the home, the wooden door manufacturer to tell you about what is the difference between modern wooden door and traditional wooden door?

contemporary wood door, is to point to use a variety of modern wood composite materials, adopts the design of the new type structure of wood. Contemporary wood door there are two major categories, one is close to the Chinese traditional wooden door on materials 'real wood', using solid wood processing; Another kind is to use a variety of composite materials together and become the 'composite wood door'.

traditional wooden door is mainly refers to the Chinese nation traditional features of original wood door, contains a variety of cultural elements, such as palace building door. Traditional wooden door generally use the solid wood as raw materials, such as pine with the method of manually, by mortise and tenon joint connection, produced by processing of wood, and it is the original natural original wood door.

materials close to the Chinese traditional wooden door in the 'real wood', the outstanding characteristics of this kind of product, pure and fresh and beautiful color, texture and nature, give a person the sense with comfortable, smooth, easy, wet, heat preservation, sound insulation, vibration reduction effect is good, touch sweet and full of elasticity. If the whole structure using high-grade materials, such as flower pear, cherry, maple, oak, such as wood door manufacturer in shanxi the criterion more show showily, modesty, massiness, style. This kind of wood is divided into high, medium and low-grade, not only material quality difference is very far, and in the design, technology level and quality, performance and service life, also has the difference between high and low up and down. This kind of real wood door, generally USES modern technology to manufacture, and that the more high-grade wood real wood door, the more to use new technology, through the modern advanced technology processing, will increasingly shows its unique superiority. This kind of product, in addition to the material, processing process of heavy and complicated and specifications are in place, all play an important role in the quality of the original wood door.

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