What is the difference between real wood door and pure real wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-08

a lot of people think that the real wood door and pure real wood door is the same kind of door, actually before or is there a difference between, the solid wood composite painting door manufacturer to give us the real wood door and what is the difference between pure real wood door?

1。 Real wood door is on the market usually said solid wood composite door or solid wood door technology, this kind of wood door core more pine, fir, or entrance fill material such as glue, density board and solid mumupi is stuck outside, after high temperature hot pressing, with real wood sealing side line. Generally advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is a high quality white pine, more surface for solid wood veneer.

2。 Due to the small tree density, light weight, and easier to control the moisture content, which is lighter, the weight of the finished product door is out of shape not easily also. In addition, solid wood composite door with insulation, impact resistance and flame retardant properties, and the sound insulation effect is good too. Solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of feel is smooth, colour and lustre downy, also more environmental protection, not easy craze, strong and durable.

3。 Pure real wood refers to the base material used in the product are full of pure real wood material. Wood through dry processing, and then the blanking, shaving, tenon, eyelet, high-speed milling process such as science. Pure real wood door chooses is mostly rare wood, prices are more expensive, often in 3500 - 5000 yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan.

4。 But pure real wood door is the chief drawback of easy cracking deformation, not easy to repair, this is the nature of lumber itself. There is also a machine on the market at present in the wood processing, can reduce the cracking deformation, but this kind of machine because of the high cost, complex, few would be able to use the manufacturer also.

that is solid wood composite painting door manufacturers to share the difference between real wood door and pure real wood door, hope to help everyone.

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