What is the distinguishing feature of ecological door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-26

ecological door to a great extent, try to embody and the surrounding environment harmonious and unified, the wooden door manufacturer to share what is the distinguishing feature of ecological door?

1, base material aluminum magnesium alloy ( Including aluminum, titanium, magnesium) And the hardness, corrosion resistance, colour and lustre and strong adhesion, and not easy to be scratched.

2, the Angle of the new connections, the design of the hole location deviation punching method, using the latest Italian so when connected by 45 degrees Angle, screw more twist diagonal more closely.

3, the hinge is different from traditional, two-dimensional adjustable hinge adopts perfect Italian design of heaven and earth, there is high level mat, lightsome lubrication between switch and do not emit a sound.

4, sealing strip use epdm, ageing resistance, good elasticity, green environmental protection. Between the door and door cover strip with Germany's most advanced high technology design of return air, the stronger the wind, the greater the seal. Between the door and wall body sealing strip, can prevent the cockroaches and dust.

5, door and door cover can be arbitrary collocation between conversion, avoids the production between the door and door leaf color; Is used to connect between the door and the door plank of the same color, in addition to the aluminum alloy chilled feeling, achieved the effect of indoor color coordinated.

6, fast installation, no damage of the wall, do not need to on-site processing, no processing dust, base material and the body need not do any post-processing, and easy to clean.

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