What is the selling point of real wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-25
< p > < / p > < p > < p > all across the hall of the demand is higher and higher, the real wood door gradually popular, so what is the selling point of real wood door? The following wooden door manufacturer to share. < / p > < p > a, selling process < / p > < p > real wood door generally refers to with real wood as the advocate material, external pressure layer density board as a balance, to domestic or imported natural wood veneer as veneer, after high temperature hot pressing, spray outside act the role of the composite door high-grade green wood coatings, all in all, from the inside out is lumber is required. < / p > < p > material - — Cutting - — Production - — Grinding - — Assembly - — The lacquer on - — Package, and so on, a lot of, is time-consuming, urgent, also careless may not! This is why wooden door is hard to mass production. < / p > < p > 2, selling beautiful < / p > < p > has grown two millimeters a wooden door to do good, need seven division of labor, three points paint ', the interlocking detail perfectly. So out of the door, far see colour and lustre is smooth, sleek and graceful. Close look, cosmetic mirror, lifelike texture. Use hand to touch the facade, again, like a baby's skin smooth and clinking; And like silk, smooth infinite. It has to do with the paint, of course, is so beautiful, is also the door of the other material it's hard to do. < / p > < p > three, stable selling < / p > < p > why bother real wood door process, is to find a few big board to do next? It has to do with wood sex, cracking and deformation with features it was all wood, will never change. So do real wood door, with fret board, laminated panel, such as to make the door core assembly molding again, then stick wood, etc. Although such trouble, but change the wooden sex, destroyed the wood cells, is not easy to crack and deformation. Has played a very good stability, mother don't worry, our house door will deformation! For the za clever carpenter master, thumb up! ! ! ! < / p > < p > 4, selling services < / p > < p > no matter what your door do again good, but still a semi-finished products, need to master the door installation. So to buy the door, it is the beginning of the sales, is the beginning of the service. Teacher will give you door, the door locks, to introduce you to maintain the tip of wooden door, is very sweet! Say more, don't think to manufacturer directly take goods cheaper than the stores to buy, you calculate, transportation, freight to the factory, and return their installation, hardware cost. Think about it, it is better to go to stores, one-stop done well! < / p > < p > 5, selling value < / p > < p > although wooden door up to 20 years of development, also cannot ignore the value of wooden door. Has grown two millimeters a good wooden door, stand the test of time, there is no problem with a few decades. Calculate the average, a day to spend a few money. But wooden door trival, after-sales service of persistent, these are much higher than the average product value. You buy the clothes, wear for a while, is broken, the family often? But the door if there is a problem, they will help you to solve, this door is the value! < / p > < p > 6, selling feature < / p > < p > now the door, the door that is not a color, door leaf a color, a color play crural line, all is harmonious and unified, and domestic outfit style bring out the best in each other. Some on top of the door with flowers and birds, some door or double face, some door and vents, etc. Such features, as you can imagine the idea behind the door of us, is dominated by the needs of the consumers. Touched! ! ! ! < / p > < p > 7, sell grade < / p > < p > the door of the wooden door compared to other more tasteful, some very fine wood carving is a collection. After many years of weathering, when the thunder clapped. Even after cutting and polishing of hone, to protect the home's door. This innate tenacity and extraordinary, always show the taste on the tall wooden door! < / p > < p > 8, sell < / p > < p > the heat preservation of wooden door, comfort, security, is also worthy of praise. The door of the future, will be more intelligent, more humane, the current industry is developing new product. For each a customer need door, bring good life more convenient! < / p > < / p >
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