What kind of material is good for family wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

Keyword: Sturdy wooden door

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When the living environment is warm, the warmer colors can be chosen for the wooden doors, such as cherry, teak, and Sapele. When the living environment is cold, the wooden door should be lighter, such as mixed white, birch, etc. The color of the ground should be the same as the coordination of the wooden door (such as cold and warm), but it is best not to be consistent. To prevent the ground from being chaotic with the wall, and to weaken the room with a large sense of space or a sunny room, you can choose a darker black walnut to create a calmer atmosphere. The color itself is beautiful, not right or wrong. All in coordination, if you really can't decide, choose white, white is the most error-prone color! The wooden doors are mainly three types, composite door solid wood doors and full wooden doors. The door core of the solid wood composite door is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling materials. The outer density board and the solid wood veneer are made by high temperature hot pressing and are sealed with solid wood lines. General high-grade solid wood composite doors, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Since the white pine has a small density, is light in weight, and is easy to control the water content, the finished door has a light weight and is not easily deformed or cracked. In addition, the solid wood composite door also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardant, etc., and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as that of the solid wood door. Due to the variety of styles of solid wood composite doors, rich styles, or exquisite European-style carvings, or Chinese classical color mosaics, or fashionable modern, different decorative style doors give consumers a wide selection of space. In addition, the veneer materials of modern wooden doors are more common with veneer and stickers. The veneer wooden door is rich in natural texture, beautiful and impact resistant, and the price is relatively high; the wooden door of the sticker is also called “grain wooden door”. Because of its low price, it is a more popular product. The disadvantage is that it is easy to break and is afraid of water. . The solid wood composite door has the characteristics of smooth handfeel and soft color, and it is very environmentally friendly and durable. Solid wood door solid wood door is made of natural wood from the forest as the door core, after drying, and then processed by cutting, planing, boring, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes. The whole wooden door is made of natural wood as the door core, and the balance layer adopts the plywood instead of the MDF. The craft has the natural characteristics and environmental protection of the logs, and the process solves the instability of the logs, and the shape is more diverse and delicate; The price of solid wood door solid wood doors varies depending on the wood materials and texture. The market price ranges from 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan. There are pines, firs, etc. (usually solid wood composite doors are used as internal filling materials). The mid-range peach wood core, flower bud, malan wood, rubber wood and other high-grade solid wood have walnuts. Wood, cherry, Sapele, red pear, rosewood and other fine teak doors (one without a set) sold for 3000-4000 yuan. Generally, the high-grade solid wood door is better in the dehydration process. The relative moisture content is about 8%. The wooden door after forming is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and the use time is longer. The price of the original wooden door is higher. If the merchant quotes the original wooden door within 3,000, the wood of the door is not good. The price of original wood doors for high-grade wood is as high as 4, 5, or even 6000. Some merchants sell solid wood doors as original wooden doors at the price of solid wood doors. In fact, they are misleading consumers. The natural wood grain texture and color of solid wood doors are undoubtedly the best choice for families who admire the natural decoration style. The price of the original wooden door is very high. According to the difference of the work of wood, the paint is completely different. It is estimated that only 3000 or more of the medium-sized wood can be bought. It is recommended to choose a brand with high reputation. Don’t try to buy an unknown wooden door because the small factory is working in this area. I dare not compliment. Suitable for high-income people to pursue the true colors and luxury of logs. Solid wood doors vary greatly according to the price of wood. Generally, there are very few pure solid wood doors on the market. Pure solid wood doors are very easy to deform if they are not working well. Pine, fir, eucalyptus, etc. are all relatively low-grade wooden doors. The high-grade solid wood has walnut, cherry, sapele, red pear, rosewood and so on. The solid wood door is the same as the original wooden door on the wood, and the wood is inside and outside. The appearance of the solid wood door and the original wood door is no different. The paint oil process is close to the original wood door paint film. Applicable to medium and high income families, practical, environmentally friendly, elegant and simple, hand-carved.

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