What's in the installation condition of wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-07

wooden door is the choice of many families, both environmental protection and no pollution, play a few adornment effect, the wooden door manufacturer to tell you about what's in the installation condition of wooden door?

1, the installation site clean and tidy environment, mixed and disorderly, crossover operation.

2, wooden door, must use the reserved hole installation method, it is forbidden to install while the practice of build by laying bricks or stones mouth.

3, wooden door must be in the installation hole ground engineering ( Such as: floor tile, stone) After the installation, at the same time, after the wall putty scraping and sand ( Metope to stick wall brick, stone hole, must be fully posted on the hole side) It is installed for operation.

4, install the mouth of the cave wall humidity 25%, should be moistureproof isolation layer in installation on the wall.

prevent white wooden door yellow methods:

wooden door factory has used paint is a premium brand of paint, the paint will not turn yellow, and the use of more than a decade of paint won't crack and fall off, so consumers want to choose the same yellow real wood door, be clear wood door manufacturer to choose what kind of paint is the quality of the paint.

consumers in the use of white when it's real wood to wood wax regularly, and do not use wet cloth to wipe the door leaf. Real wood door so that it can effectively guarantee the white will not become yellow, the selection methods and maintenance skills are generally insiders will know.

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