What's in wood mouldy reason and solution?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-16

wooden door is in use in many families, wooden door mould is one thing to trouble you, the following wood wood mould manufacturer to you talk about the causes and solutions have?

mouldy reason:

, wood mouldy reason actually there are many, both the weather and our daily indoor activity is likely to lead to wooden door making the mould. First, we usually when cleaning or cleaning, may be on mop or cloth on the water splashed onto the wooden door. Because did not pay attention to more in the process, over time, there are many small wooden door mildew. Secondly, the kitchen and space often come into contact with water, such as between wei yu, it's hard not to make water is absorbed by the wood door, so the wooden door between the kitchen and bathroom are relatively easy to mildew. In addition, changes in temperature difference that causes indoor lunt, such as continuous rainy season, or southern rainy season, the water vapor in the home more generally, even on the walls, wooden door, condensation water droplets, which is a big reason for wooden door moldy.

of course, in addition to damp wood mold, real wood paint on fewer number of paint, or paint itself there is a problem, also can make wooden door cause mildew. In addition, it is possible that the wood is in the process of production of wooden door spilled water, or wood was made into wooden door without drying.

the solution:

wood mold in addition to affect beautiful, breeding of mold may also trigger asthma and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, the discovery of real wood mold in the home, dry paper towel are available in addition to mold, or use the brush first a few times with a paper towel. If the mold has not been removed, use wet cloth or towel to rub a few times.

in addition to special essential oil also has good mold function. Can use first coated with special cleaner clean soft cloth to remove the mould. Then at gate mould parts with a layer of wax or special essential oil, and where there is little musty put a piece of soap, can also be dry tea leaves, eliminate mildew flavour.

the cause of wood mould could also mean fewer paint, paint the inferior quality. So can use vaseline protection with rag to clean the mold, then use clean cloth to wipe. After remove mildew spot, to dry wood.

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