What's in wooden door quality standard?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-22

the stand or fall of wood door process determines the durability and service life of wooden door, wooden door manufacturer under the wooden door quality standard to you talk about what?

process: as the wooden door is a link, process of processed products, professional wood processing technology is the key, therefore, it determines the durability of wooden door, durability and service life.

every wooden door must be conducted by professional equipment unique processing technology, the changing structure of wood fiber, effectively control the expansion of the wood at the same time, make the structure more solid wooden door, durable, meet different climate environment. The processing of paint surface asks not only to improve the wear resistance of wooden door and, and achieve excellent environmental performance. The installation of wooden door and door cover asks integration is installed, shorten field installation time, eliminate noise and environmental pollution, implementation factory turns treatment.

quality: the quality of the product, must rely on professional experience and advanced processing equipment, using modern means of processing, with the scientific quality management system and the rigorous work style, make the quality of the products always maintain high quality. Strict select material and top-ranking quality are a respect of high-quality goods merely, another respect is the artistic design.

wooden door is the space of the room not only, more should be a decorative arts. All design design of wooden door is due its design concept and culture connotation, when entering a room, can feel the wooden door of cultural connotation and artistic charm.

performance: after double control process and quality guarantee, the performance of wooden door will be testing the product is qualified, whether to meet the needs of the use of the process, how many kg it can withstand the impact, the standard degree of deformation, the environmental protection index, finished product moisture content and so on.

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