What's the difference between traditional wooden door and ecological door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-24

ecological door is a product of environmental protection sex strong, gradually widely used, wooden door factory today to share what's the difference between traditional wooden door and ecological door?

1, the processing process of traditional wood usually USES the old wood processing technology, while in forest ecological door adopt high precision CNC metal processing technology, to realize digital control of the entire process.

at the same time, the traditional wood processing to ensure the smoothness of wood, and the process of ecological door aluminum alloy base material are made the whole pressure casting, ensures the flatness of the material.

2, surface material single traditional wood surface material, at the same time due to the defects of woodiness material itself easily to be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew, discoloration, wear and tear. And due to the regional climate differences, different temperature and humidity inside the room, to speed up the wooden door deformation, mildew, discoloration.

, by contrast, in forest ecological facade material can you think of any material, meet the personalized requirements of you, foil living environment effect. At the same time, ecological door is resistant to moisture, mildew proof, sound insulation, dust, fire prevention, wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation, discoloration, etc.

3, core material characteristics

traditional wooden door core material is ShaMu more, pine, easy to deformation, sound insulation, environmental protection; And ecological door door core for aluminium honeycomb, hollow structure, stamping resistance, sound insulation, light and prolong the service life of the hinges.

4, style to choose

traditional wooden door design is very few, very much the same. And species diversity, ecological door range, metallic simple sense on behalf of fashion, style and personality.

5, components, materials of traditional wood original wooden door is to use ordinary strip, easy ageing, not seal effect; Hinges and especially the old connection method between the door, the connection can destroy outside door sills, shorten service life, and the switch is not smooth as disassemble for many times, is not convenient to repair and replacement.

ecological door between the door and the door, the strip of raw material is used car class strip material, has excellent sealing, ageing resistance, good elasticity, green environmental protection; At the same time use hinge beautiful appearance, smooth switch light weight, silent, resistant to open it.

6, installation combination

traditional wooden door cannot mix and door cover, installation also install tedious, time consuming, fees, fees, processing trouble, with ash.

in forest ecological door the door and door cover can be combined at random, swaps, fast installation installed at the same time, do not damage the wall, without the scene processing, no dust.

7, post-processing traditional paint on the surface of the wooden door and the smell of lumber itself, there is a lot of harm to human body, must be a waste of time to taste, to check in; And don't have to do any post-processing ecological door, raw materials, non-toxic tasteless, use safety, save time, belongs to the ecological environmental protection door. 8,

service life of traditional wood wood hardness is limited, use for a long time can cause deformation of the structure, short service life; In forest ecological doors of metal material has excellent hardness, can guarantee the hydrodynamic structure will not deformation, prolong service life.

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