What should be paid attention to in the color of wooden doors in the Chinese decoration of villas

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-29

The use of wooden door in Chinese decoration of Villa is extremely common. Under normal circumstances, it is in harmony with the furniture color, wall paint color and window color used in ordinary families. Only in this way can our home life be beautiful and atmospheric. Let's take a look at the introduction of Oriental verve designer to the color selection of Villa wooden doors.

when the interior color of the villa's Chinese-style decoration belongs to the cool color system, it is only when the wooden door is selected that the light wooden door is used. For example, mixed White, Southwest Birch, etc. The wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture itself, and should be consistent with the window pass. At present, the door is equipped with a matching window cover, corner line, etc. , and the wall color should also have a corresponding contrast. For example, using a mixed white wooden door, it is best to make the wall paint with color, so that our home room can be layered, not very flat, otherwise, it will make our home room feel very fresh.

The color selection of wooden doors on Chinese-style decoration of villas should take into account that the color on the indoor floor should be directly related to wooden doors. Only by maintaining coordination and consistency and maintaining the same color, in order to look harmonious and consistent. In this way, it can avoid the chaos of the ground and the wall, and weaken the sense of indoor living space, or like a good house, you can use a deeper black walnut, all of them can create a calm atmosphere and beautiful effect for us, so that our home can feel the elegant Chinese culture.

when choosing the color of wooden doors in Chinese style decoration of villas, if your home belongs to warm color series, it is better to use warm color series for the color of wooden doors, for example, some Brazilian rosewood, Burmese teak, etc. , or African Sabri, etc. , are all very good wood. We should pay attention to these details.

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