What should I pay attention to when renovating wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-13

many families will renovate their homes when they get married or have happy events, implying a new atmosphere. When renovating, doors and windows are generally not replaced, because it is not only troublesome to replace, but also increases the cost, so the wooden door will generally be repainted. The following Guangdong wooden door manufacturers will introduce the matters needing attention in painting wooden doors. A question that everyone will pay attention to about the renovation of wooden doors is whether the wooden doors originally used oily paint or water paint will lead to poor quality if no similar paint is used during renovation. Generally speaking, there are three types of oily paint, polyester paint, Nitro paint and alkyd paint. Alkyd paint is an earlier product, which dries slowly and is used less and less in decoration. Nitro paint dries quickly but the paint film is thin, which needs to be brushed many times, and it is easy to whiten when the humidity is large. Polyester paint is used relatively more, film formation is fast and the effect is good. If the original use is oily paint, you can consider the use of the same kind of paint, you can also consider the use of water-based paint. In general, the use of the same kind of paint adhesion will be relatively good, the exception is the polyester paint. If the original polyester paint is brushed, and then the polyester paint is brushed, the original paint film needs to be melted to have a better bonding force. One of the problems caused by this kind of renovation is that the adhesion between the renovated paint film and the original paint film is not very good. If the new film is damaged, such as being opened by a sharp weapon or smashing a pit, along the crack or pit to dig, it will cause two surface layers to peel off. The water-based paint is relatively more environmentally friendly, and the renovation of wooden doors is mostly carried out indoors. The oily paint smells big and is difficult to volatilize. It is recommended that you use water-based paint for renovation. If the surface of the wooden door is damaged, such as a crack or a pit in a certain place, the damaged place should be filled with putty first, then sandpaper should be polished, and then primer and topcoat should be brushed. If the base layer is not damaged, you can consider painting directly. The correct technological practice is to polish the original wooden door with sandpaper, and then brush the primer and topcoat directly. Because the General finished door is waxed, there will be grease on the surface, after polishing, can improve the adhesion of the paint. The above is the method of brushing the finished wooden door. When painting, the wooden door should be cleaned to ensure the smoothness of the wooden door surface. If there are cracks or defects on the wooden door surface, be sure to Polish and fill before painting.

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