What to Look for When Buying a Solid Wood Door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-24
There are various factors that you should take into consideration when shopping for solid wood doors including the price, function and level of maintenance and care required. Solid wood doors are available in various designs to choose from including those made up of one solid piece of wood, from stiles or vertical wood panels, as well as from rails or horizontal wood pieces. Remember that because solid wood doors are constructed out of wood, they have a tendency to shrink and swell all year round. It is for this reason that solid wooden doors are constructed with rails and stiles which help to reinforce the wood and prevent it from swelling, shrinking and warping. Prices will vary depending on the type of wood used to make your solid wooden door. For instance, a solid wooden door made from hardwood is the most expensive that you can find in wooden doors. The good news is that because solid wood doors are beautiful, it is easy to make them attractive by customizing them with glass or carvings. You should expect to pay more for a solid wood door with a glass panel. When buying your solid wooden door, you will also need to take into account its intended function. Various characteristics will come into play when selecting solid wood doors for the exterior or interior of your home. For instance, for your exterior solid wooden door, you will need one that is weather resistant and durable enough to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Because of the variety of colors and looks that different types of woods have, they are ideal for customization. You may therefore opt for the right solid wooden type for your interior, which will enable you to obtain your desired effect. You may also go for the stained or painted solid wood doors whose beauty has been enhanced by such finishing. You should note that solid wood doors do not provide as much insulation as steel or fiberglass doors. Nevertheless, these doors are able to withstand storms and inclement weather very well. The good news is that the wood contains numerous tiny air pockets which offer insulation. When choosing the right solid wooden doors for your home, you need to take into account the amount of time, effort and care you are willing to put into maintaining your doors. Opt for a door which has a topcoat finish as this will help to prevent cracking and warping, thereby increasing the durability of your solid wooden door. This topcoat acts as a sealant that prevents moisture from penetrating into your solid wooden doors, thus protecting them swelling and warping. What's more, solid wooden doors with proper topcoat finishing tend to require little maintenance which makes them an ideal choice for homeowners with little time on their hands. In the event that you buy an unfinished solid wood door, you may still have it finished with a good quality sealant or paint which will protect it and increase its lifespan.
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