What was the reason for the wood colour deviation?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-17

the use of wooden door products now very much, suggest you buy complete, the late fill do other wood products are very easy to appear off color, but also can appear off color, wooden door with batch production is this why? Wood door manufacturer to give us the below.

1, the causes for the natural attribute

by the best of our knowledge, the leaves of a tree there won't be the same, what's more, are two different tree. Even with the same tree, near tree made of heart, roots deep color, and close to the treetop, bark made of wooden door color slants shallow. Between finished products and samples, therefore, cannot be the same color, even if the redo, also hard to ensure the finished product. What's more, every tree, different age, different texture can also lead to off color, this is all belong to the problem of the natural attribute of lumber.

2, paint absorption extent

every tree growth environment is different, the structure of the wood itself will also vary, it also can appear different color and texture, after the lumber splicing together, spray paint, also because of wood smoke degree lead to some off color, appear different color, and slight color difference.

3, paint process problems products of paint shall be freshly prepared, and the way of the paint number is different, color is also slightly different.

4, environmental factors lead to off color

general wooden door window color significantly than dark wood color should be bright, the position of the main affected by sunlight caused by wood color difference on the vision.

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