What will you pay attention to choose real wood door myth?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-18

real wood drying processing and then through a variety of processes, scientific processing and into. People choose real wood door need to pay attention to what mistake? Wood door manufacturer to give us the below.

a, joggle and become better quality

in the market, some salesman in introducing their products advantage when they said, other manufacturers of wooden door is likely to be joining together of glue, and their wooden door is using joggle, more environmental protection and quality more stable. So, really is joggle is better?

but it is not the real wood door USES the mortise and tenon joint structure, do not use any adhesive, environmental performance is improved, but also easy to deformation and cracking.

2, pure real wood is more high quality environmental protection

in the minds of many people, the real wood door with more solid wood materials, must be more environmentally friendly, quality is relatively better.

however, wooden door or not mainly depends on the use of environmental protection glue is environmental protection.

solid wood composite door the door of the core and internal structure is made from wood or other density board, the surface is wood veneer, it has the advantage of real wood door, keep the effect and the look and feel of real wood, but the performance is more stable, and the price is more pleasant; Pure real wood door due to select natural logs, environmental performance better than solid wood composite door nature, but the production cost is also higher. Consumers can according to their own preferences and economic power to choose.

3, buy cheap relatively economical

'cheap' is a lot of people's consumption psychology, many consumers when buying wooden door naturally think the cheaper the more cost-effective.

', a penny a points goods ', usually lower than normal market price of the product, either the backlog of the products or for processing substandard products, such products at one time, won't appear any quality problem, time is long can expose the problems slowly, once appear problem, it is hard to repair it; On the contrary, the high quality product usually have 20 - 30 years or even longer service life, reasonable price, buy a rest assured that with the more comfortable.

4, formaldehyde to release the low the better

a lot of people when choosing wooden door, require lower formaldehyde release a quantity, the better, think to release a quantity to the wooden doors of the lower the more environmental protection.

free formaldehyde release a quantity is the most important judge wood door environmental performance indicators. However, free formaldehyde and to a certain extent, affect the strength of the man-made board products, and the production of man-made board base of wooden door to use urine aldehyde resin glue for adhesive. If low free formaldehyde, it is hard to guarantee the strength of the wood composite door products, quality is not too good. As long as it is, therefore, free formaldehyde release a quantity to within the scope of a country compulsive standard wooden door products, consumers can rest assured choice.

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