What you should know when you buy wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-25

with the continuous growth of consumers' demand for wooden doors , Guangzhou's door industry has developed more and more rapidly and has become one of the mainstream consumer industries. Looking at the wooden door market, the brands are dazzling and the grades are different. Consumers not only take into account their functions of safety, environmental protection, space isolation and privacy when purchasing, it is also necessary to achieve the effect of coordinating with the overall decoration style. Here are some aspects we should pay attention to when we buy Guangzhou wooden doors:

Quality is fundamental

The quality of wooden door manufacturing technology directly affects the service life of wooden doors. Generally speaking, wooden doors are often prone to deformation, cracking and other phenomena after being used for a period of time, thus reducing the sound insulation effect, sealing performance and various performances of the doors. Therefore, the wooden door with guaranteed manufacturing process is not easy to deform and crack due to its low moisture content. The higher the density of the door, the heavier the weight, and the better the sound insulation effect.

Environmental protection is the premise

with the change of people's consumption concept, green environmental protection building materials products are becoming more and more popular, the environmental protection performance of the door has attracted more and more attention. In order to ensure the environmental protection performance of wooden doors, two aspects should be considered. On the one hand, choose green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free raw and auxiliary materials. Wood-based panels and adhesives should be selected as environmental protection mark products recognized by authoritative organizations. Raw and auxiliary materials with higher moisture content should not be selected for wood-based panels and wood. The higher the moisture content of materials, the faster the release rate of harmful substances such as formaldehyde; On the other hand, choose the appropriate processing technology, for example: when hot pressing, choose the appropriate amount of glue, the appropriate temperature, pressure and pressurization time, seal the edge as tightly as possible, etc, reduce the release of harmful substances in products to a minimum under certain conditions.

brand is the guarantee

with the acceleration of the pace of modern life and the increase of work pressure, it is increasingly hoped that shopping is a kind of enjoyment, rather than a burden, but in practice, consumers consume a lot of time, energy and other costs in addition to spending money. A good brand does not only mean providing high-quality products, it also represents a good image, service, shopping experience, etc. Therefore, brand is already an indicator that must be considered when purchasing products, manufacturers of big brands have a series of production processes, and the production process requirements for each step are also very strict.

after-sales is the key

The last is the wooden door service problem that consumers are most concerned about, that is, after-sales problem. Because many construction processes can only be carried out after the wooden door cover installation is completed, whether the manufacturer supplies goods in time, whether the quality of installation is qualified, how firm it is, whether the appearance effect of the product is satisfactory, whether there will be quality problems such as cracking and deformation, etc, these are all issues to be considered, so when choosing wooden doors, we must make a full investigation into the comprehensive service capability of the manufacturers. Avoid the above problems, and delay the progress of the renovation project, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

nature wooden door is the core brand of Nature Home Guangzhou Yisheng door Industry Co. , Ltd, the formaldehyde emission of the super-environmentally friendly, super-durable and super-soundproof wooden doors has reached the national first-class standard, with an average value of less than 1. 5 mg/L, choose high-quality Canadian SPF, solid wood veneer around the edge, strictly control the moisture content, use the reinforcing rib technology, thicken the 50mm door leaf, it is not easy to deform, burst and twist, thicken the Watch board, customize the sealing tape to be softer, add air holes at the upper and lower ends of the door leaf, effectively reduce noise and improve the silencing effect. Nature wooden door provides consumers with worry-free gold nanny service, pre-sales home consultant service, professional installation, 360 ° maintenance , professional maintenance of wooden doors, triple anti-counterfeiting inquiry, 1-to-1 life-long tracking service, etc. , not only comprehensively solve the worries of consumers, moreover, it provides consumers with purchase guidance before sales. I believe nature wooden doors will provide high-quality services and choices for your home decoration and beautiful life.

If you are a wood interior doors for sale fan, you definitely want to enjoy the best possible. The that you choose plays a major role with the kind of experience you have when using it.
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