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Who is More Reliable in the Current Epidemic Situation

Who is More Reliable in the Current Epidemic Situation


Who is more reliable in the current epidemic situation? Not stand the pressure of small factories - the closure of the factory, hurt the dealers, the worst thing is the consumer!

Year of the Rat is not at peace, the opening years of the black swan event - novel coronavirus epidemic running the economy almost stalled.

The closure of the city, the closure of the village, the closure of the road, the isolation at home, and the postponement of resumption of work caused the streets to be empty and almost all the offline entities were closed.

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It has also brought an unprecedented impact on the entire home furnishing industry. In the context of the slowdown in the growth rate of the home furnishing industry in 2019, the situation of the home furnishing industry in 2020 is not optimistic, and the epidemic in the first year has made the home furnishing industry worse.

However, crises and opportunities often come together. Although the epidemic caused immeasurable losses to the industry, it also revealed many business opportunities. Before I had written an article, "Why is the epidemic of home construction materials dealer options aim the best time? " In the article, we analyzed from eight points that the home building materials industry is one of the few " sunrise " industries after the epidemic. Others are greedy when they are afraid. Only by " reverse operation " can we see opportunities that we usually cannot see.

But for dealers who have just experienced this " catastrophe ", it is difficult to bear the " mistake ", so how to choose the right brand to join has become a problem that must be considered, especially not to be " misbranded " small factory " pit.

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Although I really want to encourage all pan-home furnishing people, I still have to tell the truth. Not all home building materials companies and distributors can survive this " viral winter ". In the post-epidemic era, the home building materials market will be dominated by the strong, and the rest will be the king. The companies and distributors who can survive are the last ones to laugh, and the big companies can win!

1. Fully closed small home factories in 2020

According to incomplete statistics: As of March 2020, at least 14 sanitary ware companies nationwide declared bankruptcy, 242 ceramic companies declared bankruptcy, 105 companies were eliminated, and output fell to 8.2 billion.

The building materials home market in the cold winter, the first to fall, has always been the majority of small brands. Factory rent, water, and electricity, bank loans, workers' wages while they are out of work, social security costs, etc. are not small expenses, and cash flow is extremely tight. Even after the normal resumption of work, a series of actions to prevent the epidemic, such as epidemic prevention knowledge training, employee EAP construction, and recruitment, are heavy burdens and problems for small factories. Their hard-to-carry strength is obviously not as good as that of large enterprises Many companies are breathless.

Some small-name manufacturers have the risk of failure because of their weak comprehensive strength and poor ability to resist risks. Although many small manufacturers remain intact now, after the epidemic, there will be a large number of small brands that choose to withdraw. If the brand you choose to represent is eliminated by then, it will be sad. So at this moment, it is a good time to identify a company's strength.

If you choose a powerful big brand, you can avoid this situation. At least large enterprises are " rich " and have strong anti-risk capabilities, but for many small and medium-sized manufacturers, the epidemic is simply a disaster for them. Therefore, under the epidemic situation, household enterprises with strong comprehensive strength can maintain normal operations. Not only will they not fail, but they will use this as an opportunity to obtain better development.

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2. Distress of small and medium-sized dealers

Some insiders predict that home furnishing distributors under the epidemic can last up to three or four months without the help of manufacturers. It's not that they don't want to continue to operate, but the situation is pressing." 

Even if do not pay rent, management fees have to pay ah, ah have to pay artificially, boss tough ah, this in one word: difficult " . A dealer sent emotions from the heart.

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1. Small brand factories have little strength and help dealers do nothing

The epidemic is not so much a disaster, but rather a " miracle mirror ", reflecting various hidden problems in the industry, and also eliminating many " listed " miscellaneous small manufacturers.

An excellent large enterprise, donating money and materials to Hubei, and overcoming difficulties with dealers. Helping dealers reduce operating costs and alleviating dealers by providing wages to shopping 

guides, bearing logistics costs, issuing purchase subsidies, and exempting factory prices. pressure. And these small-name manufacturers can do nothing even if they are serious.

Although the manufacturer's assistance is limited and temporary, but if the manufacturer does nothing in this special period, then why is it strong backing and what is the use of your manufacturer? The heart-warming move not only exemplifies the brand's charm, but also shows the importance it attaches to dealers. Therefore, dealers must help, and dealers must save themselves.

2. Small brands have no sense of responsibility, regardless of the dealer's life or death

Hard " carrying " has become a common posture for householders. The sluggish first-quarter performance and the second-quarter performance have been doomed. Small businesses with weak risk resistance and large impacts from industry fluctuations are not fully qualified and cannot start construction, resulting in orders not being able to be shipped, and dealers are making matters worse and extremely passive.

Even more miscellaneous manufacturers lie to the market one day a day. When taking orders, they patted their chests and said that they will be able to rush out. When they are about to ship, they will be delayed for a day. There are 10 calls and 8 of them are not answered, the communication is not smooth, the problem is not solved, the dealer cannot explain to the customer, let alone the sale, no sense of responsibility!

If choosing an enterprise with a strong brand strength is a good tool for dealers to develop the market, then choosing an enterprise with a sense of responsibility is the guarantee for dealers to achieve long-term development. Responsibility is not only a question of success, but also the culture and spirit of an enterprise. An enterprise that does not even have a sense of responsibility will not go far.

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3. Miscellaneous small factories are too busy to build confidence in their dealers

Confidence is more important than gold!

At this critical moment, as the boss, the enterprise should give all dealers firm confidence, trust the country, trust the prospects of the industry, and trust the power of the brand. On the one hand, to make dealers cheer, the stores carry on, to protect the safety of employees, on the other hand actively cooperate with the policy of the plant operators to do some adjustments, I believe the company is willing to closely aligned with the dealer, trustworthy!

Many small factories are overwhelmed and stand on the brink of bankruptcy. Having just walked through the difficult 2019, we are again ushering in the first quarter of 2020, which may be unrefined. Not to mention giving dealers confidence in management, they may have lost their hopes for the industry, the environment, and their factories, and can only think about how to reduce losses! It is miserable by itself, unable to do anything in the face of difficulties. It is even more impossible to judge the situation and launch a marketing plan that matches your brand's market conditions!

3.No complaints, what is the consumer's loss?

The haze of the dealers after being hit hard was ravaged, but at the same time, consumers were not spared and even fell into the dilemma of complaining without a door and facing a dilemma.

Recently, some consumers have reported to the media that they have reserved a whole-house custom installation and paid a deposit, but recently the store has no signs of resuming work. They are worried that they have called the boss many times. Each time they get the answer, it is because of the epidemic. Unable to resume work, the boss's phone has been lost in the past two days, and the consumer has raised concerns about the boss's running, but he is helpless.

Many dealers will sign a contract before the year and charge consumers a large deposit and promise to install it later. Some manufacturers have closed down, and distributors cannot ship. They can only close their shops without a trace, "the world evaporates. "

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Therefore, behind the run of miscellaneous small business, hundreds of thousands of consumers' interests are damaged. They need to face not only the situation of " people " going to " money ", but also the loss of time and energy.

In the home industry with mixed fish and dragons, consumers should also keep their eyes open and choose a big brand to be guaranteed!

4.Summary: Who is more reliable now?

Many miscellaneous small businesses are now shrinking. In the second quarter, there will be a large number of small brands choosing to withdraw. If the brand of the agency is eliminated because of a small price, then you will be sadly reminded, and the wealth is empty!

At present, only companies that meet the following four points are reliable brands that dealers can consider joining!

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1. Have strength - excellent software and hardware strength

The soft power and hard power of an enterprise are the foundation of the enterprise's survival and development. The organic combination of the two constitutes the core survivability of the enterprise. The relationship between them is complementary to each other, and only when they are strong, the enterprise will have a long-term foundation!

2. has the ability to - digital marketing help

When a force majeure occurs and the dealer is helpless, the enterprise will provide timely help and make a difference. It is undoubtedly a " send charcoal in the snow " for the dealer, and it is also a manifestation of responsibility and responsibility, and confidence will be greatly enhanced!

3. Be courageous -the manufacturer alliance dares to invest

At present, it is still vigorously attracting investment. The brand of developing franchisees must be a high-quality brand. Without confidence in the project and without recognition of itself, no one will go forward at this time.

4. Be determined - strategy is clear and reverse the growth

Some enterprises have a well-established system, advanced management, and unremitting efforts. The years of ups and downs in the business sea and the test of life and death have allowed them to witness the development of the industry and also give them the capital to " live ". Some companies are far-sighted, strategically leading, ahead of schedule, persistent innovation and a good culture, so that they have been developing at a high speed, but also give them the motivation to " rush forward ".

Through the above analysis and understanding, I believe that many dealers have a clearer understanding of what brand to choose is more reliable and competitive in the current epidemic situation, and can better achieve profitability. Sometimes, the choice is more important than hard work!

Reliable enterprises will not only fail but will usher in more opportunities and achieve higher growth! All dealers have to do is to stay away from small and unprotected small factories, hug their " thighs " and follow the reliable brand forward!

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