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Why choose a wooden door as the entry door

Why choose a wooden door as the entry door


Word of the home will give a different feeling for most of us. One of the most important parts whereby the door where everyone walks in. As everyone walk towards the wooden double door, it should give a warm feeling. In the same time, it will add an aesthetics will gives lighting as well as ventilation for your home.


What type of doors widely use for an exterior door?

The most common door being used are steel doors and wooden door. Regardless which is your choice the objectives would remain to protect your home from intruders, rain, wind and sunlight. However, it would be best if it will be able to showcase your house value and attractive. So, does it make any difference other than their cosmetic appearance?



Steel doors

Steel doors much cheaper than a wooden door. Can be used for exterior and interior. It will require maintenance such as repainting to avoid rusting. Thus every each of minor scratch needs to be fixed with repainting. Basically, it is quite a job to maintain a steel door. Just be ready to paint.


Glass doors

Well, by using glass doors it will create a richness look for your home. It is commonly used for outdoors and indoors. However, since it’s glass, can be broken easily. Not much on security and safety unless your housing area equipped with a strict gated and guarded.


PVC doors

It is a beautiful door due to its variety of colours and design. In the same time, the material will give you a lightweight door and easy to use.


Aluminium doors

Widely used for the commercial which the design usually with panel fo glass. Even the door consist of glass,

they are durable, strong and frequently used in security.


Fibreglass doors

Primarily used as an entry door. This material will allow many designs and easily mould into style and shapes. Even so, it still considers as strong and durable.


Wooden door

This would cost more than a steel door. With a wooden double door will give more character for your home as it has owned identity and beauty. The wooden material will create an inviting and warm entry for home. Well good thing, it can be repainted as your preference as of when you like it. On top of it, less maintenance needed compared to steel doors. If a scratch occurs it will not deteriorate and rusting like steel, it can be removed just by a quick sanding.


Types of wooden door

Over the years, the design has been growing and they still do. Here are some famous wooden doors used across the world.


○It is more used for custom doors to meet specific objectives.

○Can be used for internal and external.

○Pretty costly but still high demands


○Suitable for both ambience either modern or traditional

○Commonly will be panel door with glass.

○Need to be veneered for stability

○Thickness standard is 40mm

○To have a better fire rate of 30 minutes is 45mm thickness.

○Higher security due to mortice and tenon joints


○Use to be a good quality veneer but now it has developed to timber or flax core construction veneer.

○Widely used as an exterior door but can be used for interior as well.

○Generally, people will tend to use in light colour, but it actually can be a dark colour too.


Which door suits your home?

Aside from the look, the price and material there are so much more you can consider before deciding which will be the best for your home. In the long term, a wooden double door would be a great investment. Wood can last up to 100 years and it has values overtimes. However, it will be depending on what time for the wooden door of your choice too.


Having some glass windows for the natural light and ventilation is one of the design you should put into your list. Do not leave behind the safety measures as for the material and the doorknob design. Some come with digital safety but it will cost you an additional. If your entry door has a custom size which will not be fit by a manufactured door which will have standard sizes. You will have to choose more practical and customize the door. On top of it, the durability of a door may be different as the weather changes. You may want to opt for an adjustable threshold so that you can keep in place no matter how the weather changes. Another option you can put a cushion sweep to seal from dust and rain.

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