Why custom wooden door is very long?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-27

now many families began to customize wooden door, but the wooden door custom time is very long, is this why? Tell you about the following ecological door manufacturer.

personality custom wooden door

to give full consideration to the personalized needs of of consumer oneself

real wood door of the finished product is different from other, finished product door just simple classified all consumers, using large quantities of quantities, specifications of the production, the product provided to consumers on the demand of the typical characteristics, do not need to give full consideration to the personalized needs of consumers.

and wooden door custom needs to give full consideration to the personalized needs of consumers, give full consideration to consumers across the hall style, color, size and other personalized requirements. Custom ecological wood door is not only to provide consumers products, it is more committed to meet consumer pursuit and yearning for the quality of life. Process consumption

preparation hairs, production technology exquisite and delicate

from consumer order moment, custom wood door then has the strict demanding process, full understanding of consumers across the hall from the personalized needs of style, color, size, etc, to the agreed price, and then to processing, grinding, painting, inspection, packaging, logistics and other processes, the whole process of complex process greatly extended the custom cycle.

took the 'paint' is, for the painting of wooden door with at least five times, each time takes about two hours to fully dry, the so-called 'thousand hammer hew thousands mountains' when '. As the 'paint' is the same, every processing details are not omit, fully ensure the maneuverability of the machining process, to make high quality real wood door of finished product.

exquisite and delicate production process to a certain extent, prolong the waiting period of consumers, but also fully guarantee the products of high quality.

timber curing

stability control of lumber moisture content, completes the lumber curing

consumers also need to understand is that the wood moisture content directly affect the custom the cycle of wooden door. If the moisture content of lumber is on the high side, once moisture release, making it easier for the wood shrinkage, and the moisture content of lumber is low, absorb moisture in humid environment will make wood expansion easily.

so, controlling the moisture content of lumber, make its stability within a reasonable range is a crucial process. Manufacturers need to preserve one's health, wood secondary to improve stability of wood, to make the wood of higher stability, higher quality. In the process, inevitably will consume a certain amount of time, extend the waiting period of consumers.

custom wooden door the particularity of its own process makes custom cycle is relatively long, as consumers how to deal with?

first, wooden door is one of the most basic link in the household decorates, reasonable planning their time as well, as far as possible in advance 1 - 2 months customization, lest delay the construction period;

second, is waiting for the cycle is too long influence, wooden door custom should and decoration of the project such as ceramic tile, wall paper, floor as far as possible at the same time.

that's ecological door manufacturers to share content, hope to help everyone.

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