Why did a family to decorate choose custom ecological door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-03

as a natural green environmental protection material, wood can improve human survival environment, the wood door manufacturer to share a family to decorate why choose custom ecological gate? Visual effect

customize ecological door, beautiful wood texture, colour and lustre is diversiform, and can effectively absorb the eyes to the human body harmful ultraviolet radiation, therefore, makes people comfortable and healthy vision.

tactile effect

when people contact with wood, the four seasons temperature close, people close to open every day, give a person with a good sense of touch wood.

auditory effect

wood for natural porous material, sound absorption, sound insulation performance is good. Therefore, decorated with wood house, small echo, sound insulation effect, give a person with comfortable feeling of quiet.

olfactory function

a variety of wood often sends out a special a cheerful aroma gas, xi said 'long', after the test, some of these gases can be bactericidal and insecticidal, some can be refreshing, some can calm nerves, to human body health care effect.

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