Why real wood door is very popular?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-28

more and more real wood door installation, why real wood door that popular? Wood door manufacturer to give us the below.

1, the real wood door, environmental protection has the original natural beauty. Real wood material comes from the nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between people and the environment, then add the people-oriented, based on natural modern design concept, pull close the distance and material, man and nature, give a person a kind of friendly feeling. Environmental protection decoration is real wood door market leading role. Compared with artificial door, real wood door with glue when producing quantity is quite less.

2, real wood door, long service life. Board type door the service life of the general 3 - For five years.

3, real wood door can bring warm to household environment at the same time in the value of 'wood gas', thus is quite popular with the upscale consumers. It has the advantage of natural, natural texture, changeful form, the surface of the door are generally see wood beautiful decorative pattern.

4, real wood door has its own unique style. Real wood door from natural materials. Set in a natural essence, and the real show high-grade, unique taste thick.

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