Why the colour deviation indoor door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-03

when wood of choose and buy to pay attention to the problem of color difference, consumers also want to know more about the properties of the wood and without the knowledge of the color difference, don't require the color is not consistent in the door. If there is a serious quality problem, will contact the factory to change. Wooden door manufacturer to give us the interior door why today appear off color?

1, atlas light

when consumer is buying wooden door products color mostly from a website or a flyer on see, the image products is through the camera, there is a difference between with physical, like stars in the photo is the most beautiful, atlas is just for you to choose about the style of the book.

2, natural causes

wooden door is very common phenomenon existence chromatism, because of the trees in the growth process, differences in climate change, soil conditions, the natural form different parts of the color. Even the same trees, with the place near the roots of a tree, the tree heart made of wood, color depth; Made of wooden door near the trees, bark, light color. Therefore, wooden door and samples, with a batch of wooden door, the color can't completely consistent, some of the color difference is normal, even if the redo, also can't guarantee completely consistent.

3, paint reason

have paint wood products with existing 'color' log, actually did not paint wood products for a long time in the air because the oxidation and gradually unconsciously 'color migration. Because the wood veneer thickness and different heat treatment process, source, wood color and texture difference is bigger.

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