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Why the wooden door cycle so long?

Why the wooden door cycle so long?


In recent years, most of the owners have given priority to customized wooden products, because the customized wooden products match the limited interior space perfectly and change the previous situation like product dimensional variation, no style and so on.

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But more and more customers are confused that the production of wooden door seems simpler than that of cabinet but why is the customization period of wooden door so long? Actually, all manufactures want to accelerate the customization and deliver the goods as soon as possible to get more profits and good reputation, but the customization products means the process speed is limited. The main reasons are below:

Wooden Door  Individual Customization Fully Consider Customers’ Individual Needs

Customized wooden doors are different from other finished product doors. Finished product doors, adopting mass production with different specifications, are classified simply according to the typical demand of customers. While customized wooden doors need to be customized according to customers’ individual needs such as type, color, material, size and so on. Wooden door customization is not providing products to customers simply but dedicating itself to meeting customers’ pursuit and yearning towards life quality.


Wooden Door   Complicated Procedures

Adequate preparation, Rigorous Process, Excellent Products.

From the moment customers place an order, there are a lot of rigorous procedures from fully knowing the door type, color, material, size to price-negotiation, size- measuring, then processing, sanding, painting, inspection, packing, logistics and so on, which greatly extend the customization period. Take painting as an example. The door should be paint-sprayed at least 5 times and each time it needs over 20 hours to dry fully. Every details of processing can not be ignored. To some extent, the production procedures extend customers’ waiting period but they fully guarantees the quality of the products.

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Wooden Door    Moisture absorption Period

Control the moisture content of wood

What customers need to know is that the moisture content of wood impacts the wooden door customization period directly. If the moisture content is too high, the wood will shrink easily when the moisture is released. While the moisture content is too low, the wood will swell easily when the moisture is absorbed. So it is of significance to control the moisture content of wood and keep it steady. During this process, it will take some time inevitably and extend customers’ waiting period.

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The wooden door customization period is relatively long. As customers, how can we manage it?


First, wooden door decoration is one of the basic parts of the home decoration. Make a reasonable schedule and try to customize 1-2 months in advance, lest delay process period.

Then, other decoration projects like tile, wallpaper, floor should synchronize.

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