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Over the years, RCCZ has won the title of Chinese Wooden Door Association President, Guangdong Wooden Door Association President,

Guangdong Top Ten Honorary Brands, Top Ten Brands of Independent Innovation of Intellectual Property Rights, China's Most Influential Enterprise of the Decade Award,

Top 500 Enterprises for Quality of China, Top 30 Chinese Wooden Doors for 15 Consecutive Years (2004-2019), etc. In the past, we have been doing very well in the wooden doors and will be better

in the future.


Professional After-sales Service


Create a Complete File

We have established complete files for each user, including design plan, technical data, design change visa, production plan, delivery record, quality control record, construction plan, completion acceptance data and so on.


Finished Goods Inspection

Conduct a quarterly inspection of the product within the warranty period from the date of delivery and acceptance, and fill in the product maintenance card and warranty card to make warranty records. During the warranty period, if there is a problem due to the product quality, we will be responsible for free maintenance. If due to improper use, only the material fee will be charged. Only the cost will be charged after the warranty period expires.

Maintenance Services

Provide detailed technical information and installation plan, teach the correct usage, free maintenance service within the warranty period.

Guarantee for Replacement within 2 Years

The warranty period is 2 years. If there is any quality problem and it is confirmed as the responsibility of the manufacturer, we will handle or replace it free of charge. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and acceptance.

Quality Control

In order to ensure that the quality problems reflected by the owner can be timely handled, the factory is required to appoint several technicians to stay at the site during the intake period.

Emergency Mechanism

The manufacturer must arrive at the scene within 24 hours when there is a problem, and submit the decoration suggestion and the treatment opinions approved by Party A within 48 hours.

Convenient After-sale

We activate the maintenance service tele number, providing the after-sales service.

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