Choose the seven reasons to Runcheng

More than 16 years experience in the wooden door field.
Always takes “cherish every tree, make every door well” as its principle, providing a green and environmentally friendly living for all the customers.
Introduced the world advanced production equipments and technology.
Large-scale auto-painting equipment ,our painting has good fullness, high transparency and smooth feature.
24 hours to give you prompt and further information.
Send invitation and arrange everything for you when you come to China.
Provide wooden door improverment and marketing solution.
Product appearance advantages:

Beautiful lines, rich shape, high-end design.

 Product selection advantages:

Teak, African pear, the United States and other valuable imported red oak wood. Drying sterilization, health balance, quality assurance.

Product structure advantages:

Solid filled, stable and solid structure.

Product mute advantages:

Professional noise doors, high-quality shock, sound insulation level: 45 dB. Special private space!