will gompertz reviews christian dior: designer of dreams at the v&a ★★★★★

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
At around 09: 45 on Wednesday, February 12, 1947, outside 30 Montaigne avenue, Paris, a team of charming people stood there, shivering at minus-zero temperatures. 5C.
Among them are artist Jean coketo, social socialite Diana Cooper, and editors of American fashion and Harper\'s Bazaar.
This is the coldest winter in a generation.
They were frozen.
Meanwhile, in the recently disqualified home, people are running around to add finishing touches to a radical new women\'s fashion collection.
Tensions have escalated.
This is the launch of a premium custom brand that is considered to cost millions of francs.
09: 59, a burly middle-aged man walks between the countless flower racks installed in the whole house, and he is a bit similar to Alfred Hitchcock. Calmly spray the scent Paul Vacher created for him, setting the tone for his business of the same name.
To be precise, he instructed one of his staff members to open the front door at 10: 00. The 42-
The one-year-old host, photographer Cecil Beaton, described it as \"a plain country priest made of pink almond cakes,\" and each guest is welcome separately, and invite them to relax before showing off his much anticipated first series.
Everything was perfectly arranged. It had to be.
This is the way this particular person is: this is the sign of Kristin Dior.
You can find out what happens next in V & A in London, and the company will present A review of the Dior brand in the international fashion elite for the following 72 years.
The story begins at 30 Montaigne avenue.
As you walk to the majestic front door, your road is blocked by a black mannequin in two-person costumetone two-
It defines 1947 works of show and Christian Dior.
The suit at the bar caused a stir.
This is a luxury, rebellious reaction to post-fiscal austerity. war Europe.
Not a dull, tight jacket and none.
Dior shows a soft meaningless dress that requires minimal fabric or imagination
The shoulders of the Hornets
The waist silk jacket unfolds on the hips, revealing a long, dark blue pleated skirt that takes a few meters of fabric.
In the era of ration, it is very decadent, but it is also very exciting: the vision for the future is colorful, gorgeous and beautiful.
Politicians hate it, and some of the public hate it, they are known for their horns and attacks on models wearing Dior.
There was even an event where photographer Walter Karon took the famous picture, and a young woman was taken by two older \"make-do-and-
\"Tinkering\" the school, they were shocked by what they thought she was wasting at will.
Fashionistas look at things differently.
They really like what is immediately called a \"new look.
Dior is here.
When you cross the threshold to enter the first gallery, it is obvious why his work has such a direct impact.
The fabric he produced and used was a microcosm of the old
The charm of the school, elegant lines
Or outline
Cut from luxurious materials.
They are a miracle, at least outside.
I imagine the whale bodice and underwear.
The Wired structure needed to maintain the shape is neither elegant nor luxurious.
Still, as they said, Il faut souffrir was dumped for Bell.
Princess Margaret commissioned the French to make a 21-year-old birthday dress for her. here -at last -
It is the designer who produces clothing for modern young women, not the rich old lady.
The dress he made for Margaret was displayed next to the famous princess styling photo of Beaton, with a double dress behind it
The Decker display cabinet of Dior\'s dress for the next member in the UK-
Create a high society.
When you enter the third gallery, everything will change for some reason.
Christian Dior is dead.
Ten years after the cold February morning of 1947, the now household designer suffered a fatal heart attack in Italy.
Some say it\'s closed, but Dior has a 21-year-
He was an old assistant and he showed some commitment so the board decided to give him a try.
Saint Laurent did not disappoint them.
You can see his Dior design classics mixed with the work of the five creative directors who followed him, including the Baroque work of John garriano.
They all have their own unique style, but there is a \"non-uniform\" that unites them, which is most evident in their re-presentation
Imagined bar set
The theme is not the schedule to show you the rest of the exhibition.
There are galleries dedicated to historicism, gardens, studios, and finally a dazzling ballroom with animated flashes on the ceiling and walls.
This impact is only affected
Slide the rubber mat at the foot instead of the polished dancing spring wood floor.
Kristin Dior is not known for cost savings, nor does V & A know.
The museum held a sensational Alexander McQueen exhibition in 2015, creating a stick for itself.
It changes the expectations of tourists forever.
Some display cabinets with beautiful clothes won\'t cut mustard now --
Punters want to remember and post the drama experience on Instagram.
That\'s what curator Orio Cullen did.
This is a wonderful show, ending from a modest scrapbook for family photos at the beginning to a climate in their 70 s.
Demonstrated creative excellence for many years in the round.
This is an undisguised celebration of the fun of Christian Dior\'s life.
This is the most successful exhibition recently held by the museum --
Underground Gallery opening
This is a space where a decent parking lot can be built, but it is a very difficult place to plan.
I have been told that in order to give visitors the feeling of any narrative flow, it is necessary to build a inner world that costs eyes.
A lot of money.
Still, the Kensington agency expects a lot of people to watch the show over the next six months, so-
In the spirit of Dior-
The company chose to invest heavily in the exhibition design of Nathalie Crinière.
Despite having a hairpin bend in the third gallery, she and her team pulled it down in a natural way, and showed a perfume that I suspect Kristin Dior will not only recognize but he will happily spray Miss Dior.
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