window shutters on a budget

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
Although there is great value in installing custom software
Interior wood blinds are sometimes too expensive for some applications.
Some alternatives, including Poly or vinyl blinds, are cheaper but far less attractive. For a high-
Get high-quality solutions at a lower cost, looking for a company that sells single solid wood shutter panels that can be installed in any configuration.
When purchasing a single shutter panel, some precautions need to be remembered.
The most important factor is the material used to make the internal shutter panel.
Basswood has the best properties of the blinds as it is a very straight hard wood with little deformation.
Basswood also has fine, uniform texture and blurry texture, which makes it superior in dyeing or painting.
You should also look for a company that can make a large number of panel sizes so that you can receive the final size that best suits your window.
How to determine the individual panel sizes to order it is best to determine how to install the shutter before ordering the shutter panel.
Sometimes it is necessary to use a hanging strip to connect the blinds to the outside of the window opening.
A reputable company will provide information about different installation methods so that you can determine how best to install on a specific window.
Width: measure the width of the area covered by the blinds (
Does not include any decorative strips). 1.
Divide this width by the number of panels you want in the window.
This will give you the approximate width of each panel.
Expand this measurement to the nearest 1/4.
Example: Width = 36-
7/16 order \"divided by 4, rounded to the nearest 1/4 (4)
Shutter panel 9-
The top and bottom of each panel can be trimmed 1/4 \"wide height: up to 1 \"(
Total 2 for each panel\". 1.
For two-tier units (
Top and bottom panels)
, Combine individual panel heights as needed.
Finish High-
It is possible to paint or dye high-quality wood blinds panels into beautiful finishes.
Even if the blinds arrive and look fairly smooth, a slight sanding is recommended before starting the finishing process.
Apply primer and paint after sanding and brushing off any dust.
Usually, a smoother finish can be obtained by spraying the primer and paint, despite the use of high
A high quality brush can also bring a good finish.
When dyeing, follow the instructions given by the dyeing manufacturer.
Dyeing manufacturers may recommend applying a wood conditioner before dyeing to ensure uniform dyeing color penetration.
Once your blinds have been installed you will have a high
High quality products, only a small part of the cost of customization, can increase the value of your homemade shutters.
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