windows and doors: how to go green

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-23
When replacing old doors and windows, you should replace them with eco-friendly green doors and windows.
Thanks to joint projects sponsored by the US Department of Energy and the US environmental agency, most of these energy-saving products are marked with the Energy Star logo, distinguishing them from other products with less energy and efficient products.
In 2007 alone, the use of energy star doors and windows saved consumers about $16 billion in energy costs.
If you\'re not sure what to look for, this project becomes easy by marking eco-friendly products with the Energy Star logo.
But when you\'re looking for energy efficient windows, the minimum you\'re looking for is a glass with double glass insulation and low
E coating and air tight frame.
Double-layer glass should be separated with intervals that reduce heat transfer and prevent condensation.
The low E coating on the glass did a few things.
It helps spread harmful UV rays, helps keep the heat at home during the winter, and keeps the heat in the summer.
If properly designed, the air-tight frame will mean the least heat transfer through the window.
When it comes to energy saving, there are a lot of choices in the Energy Star program.
Wood is a natural insulating product, but you can also choose a door made of steel or fiberglass with built-in insulation.
Of course, even the most energy-efficient doors, if not properly installed, do not have a good seal and will not be very energy-efficient.
Your energy-saving doors should also be swept away to help keep them tightly sealed.
The door sweeps in aluminum and vinyl, but the aluminum conducts hot and cold heat and is less efficient than the vinyl sweep.
Of course, if you are looking for a door with glass, you will consider the R value.
The R value will tell you how the door is insulated, so the higher the R value, the better.
You can also look at the U value.
The U value will tell you how much heat you have through the glass door.
It\'s good to have a low U value here;
This means that there will be less heat through your door.
Of course, just like you are looking for a low E coating on the window, you want to have a low E coating on the glass door.
The lower the E coating, the better the insulation of windows and doors.
All Energy Star products have reached strict standards for energy conservation, but of course some products are better than others. Therefore, if you have any questions, you must do your own research and learn to be smart consumers.
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