with modern furnishing, homes burn faster

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
Want to know how long it will take to fire the whole room?
It\'s only 166 seconds.
In a study conducted by Worcester Institute of Technology last summer (WPI)
Fire Engineering Department, researchers set fire to a fully equipped 12-foot by 16-
Walk the room to see how long it will take to achieve a flash, or the point of time when all combustible materials in the space are on fire.
They built a room according to building regulations and provided furniture like any modern family-with wall-to-
Carpets, large comfortable sofas, flowing curtains and more.
But after a part of the room caught fire, the researchers watched everything in the room on fire in less than three minutes. \"It is scary.
This is not even as crowded as the real living room, \"said Kathy notariani, a professor of fire engineering at WPI and one of the study\'s leading researchers.
\"Compared with the ordinary living room, the living room furniture is scarce.
\"But 30 years ago, the ordinary living room hardly caught fire.
The researchers said that thanks to the extra items we stuffed into our home and our stuff was made of synthetic materials, our house burned faster than ever before.
Even in our house, firefighters say cheaper energy
Efficient materials for building our homes can make fire fighting more dangerous.
\"The material has changed,\" the notary said . \".
\"Think about the sofa in your grandmother\'s house and the sofa in your home.
Your sofa is much larger and may be more comfortable with filling. … That comfy-
Ness is a new material that burns different, releases different chemicals, and releases different toxic gases.
Thirty years ago, the product was made of natural fibers and solid wood.
Now our items are made of plastic and synthetic materials.
Not only that, she said, the number of things we have has grown significantly.
\"Our house is full.
\"We don\'t have a TV, we have four or five,\" she said . \".
\"Children have more clothes, more toys, and more plastic toys. . . .
You used to get a few toys every year, and now you get a few toys every week.
\"But when the fire happened, all our favorite things turned into fuel.
In the 1970 s, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
The study found that people had 17 minutes to escape the fire after the smoke alarm sounded.
But when the institute repeated the study in 2004, it found that the escape window narrowed to only three minutes.
\"The difference now is that our house is getting bigger and bigger,\" said Dan Madrzykowski, fire engineer at NIST Engineering Lab.
\"Over the past 50 years, we have introduced a lot of synthetic materials at home.
\"People are not only more suitable for this --
He said they called the fuel into their ever-expanding house, which they were designing to make the oxygen needed to survive the fire easier to spread.
Traditional Ranch-or Cape Cod-
The style of the home features smaller separate rooms.
But now, he says, it\'s not unusual to find single.
Family home with open space extending from one end of the home to the other.
\"There are fewer rooms.
\"It\'s beautiful for life, you have better air circulation,\" Madrzykowski said . \".
\"But when you think about this from a fire perspective, there is nothing to stop the smoke and toxic gas from spreading throughout the house.
\"Robert Leonard, a volunteer firefighter for more than 20 years and a spokesman for the New York State Fireman\'s Association, said that during his career he saw new material change the torch
The Ups firefighters were called in.
\"From the point of view of the firefighters on the ground, the fire is hotter and the burning speed may be faster. . . [and]
\"It\'s not that easy to ventilate,\" he said . \"
Making wood is cheaper and lighter (
Stick together with wood chips and shavings)
It may be better for builders.
But, he said, they don\'t want to be in the fire month-inch by 4-inch or 4-inch by 6-
Solid wood beams in inches they replaced.
He also said that windows installed in many modern and newly renovated homes can make things more complicated.
Hot pane windows may be more energy efficient-
Efficient, insulated, but they also catch heat when the interior is on fire.
And thick hurricane windows, this is to resist high
Speed wind can also prove that firefighters often need to break into the burning building and have resistance to the crowbar and shaft.
In response, Leonard said, they had to adjust tactics and train.
Firefighters plan their plans to enter the building more carefully and have a better understanding of the building materials and designs in their area so that they know the vulnerability of different buildings.
\"We have been conducting coordinated attacks, but they are more coordinated,\" he said . \"
\"Have a more positive view on the timing of the fire.
\"Not all fires are extreme ---
Most fires occur when the kitchen and residents are awake and able to put out quickly.
When the fire lacks oxygen, they do not necessarily flash in three minutes.
But fire researchers warn that it is critical to keep working smoke alarms and even consider installing a residential sprinkler system.
Eventually, when the fire started, experts said residents needed to act as quickly as possible before firefighters arrived.
\"If, within two or three minutes of the alarm, the occupants did not leave their building, then they may never go out,\" Russ Thomas said . \", Director of Fire Research, National Research Council of Canada.
\"The real secret is to go out when the alarm rings.
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