within the walls of this suburban polling place, i am god

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-20
We are on election day again.
In four years, it is time for our country to choose leaders. it is important that each of us be fully prepared for this task.
When you go out to vote, here are some useful tips to remember: know which voting area you registered, know when your voting place is open, know, within the scope of this suburban polling station, I am God.
Kneel down in front of my infinite power, voters in zone 39, Zone 142!
From the power position at the back of this plastic folding table, I rule all my investigations, the field from double
Entrance to the door of Harker middle school gymnasium was pushed
On the bleachers in the back.
Everything bathed under the flashing harsh fluorescent lamp above is mine, as I am the custodian of the voter registration print output and the provider of the \"I vote\" sticker.
All who live between Maple Rose Avenue and Tenby Terrace and are eligible to vote must see themselves as my subject.
Dare not question me!
From the time you go through the Harker wildlogo logo on the base line until you go out from the door of the boys\' locker room after submitting your ballot, my words are the law. I am all-
I am all-powerful, and I am alone in control of everyone and everything in this kingdom.
Unless your last name begins with a letter between L and Z.
Carol will help you in this case.
I am the supreme being, the God, the one who receives the provisional ballot and grants it to all who enter my reign unprepared.
I decide by myself if you can use a utility bill with a home address as a valid ID.
You are under my divine rule, so bow before me, your Lord and sovereign!
So, please, in these three-
So I can confirm that your signature matches the one you provided on the voter registration form.
Stay behind the blue tape on the floor until the voting booth is empty or you will feel my anger!
Don\'t forget that when the sun rises in the east, I will be your ruler until I lock the front door and help fold the chairs and give your sealed votes to the local officials
But don\'t be afraid, my child! No, no!
Because I am a gentle master.
A good overlord, who will humbly provide a pen for each voter, the ink of which is suitable for reading with an optical scanner.
A merciful God who will hand out the clipboard to those who need a firm writing surface.
I will even leave my infinite knowledge to the lost souls who do not know where to store the full ballot.
But don\'t bring campaign material into my field, and don\'t cross me by 100 feet kilometers away!
If you commit such a crime against my authority, then according to the power given to me by the cantalkosta County Electoral Commission, I will expel you to the parking lot without hesitation or regret.
Unless you want to feel the full power of my anger, please do not smoke until you leave school as this campus is tobaccofree zone. Thank you.
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