women in the house get a restroom

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-23
Women finally have a seat in the house.
Four seats in fact. And two sinks.
Last week, as debt
Ceiling negotiations are heating up, room H211, USA. S.
The Parliament House quietly opened the door to 76 female MPs and provided them with their own restrooms near the speaker\'s Hall.
Women in the Senate have had their own restrooms since 1993.
If the opening of the bathroom is suppressed, some reactions are gone. A pleased Rep.
Schakowsky, January (D-Ill. )
A reporter was invited to go in and \"Peek, not pee. ”Rep. Donna F. Edwards (D-Md. )
She was moved to tweet to her 2,692 followers, \"Love the new lady\'s room on the floor of the house.
Three cheers to Speaker Boehner. ”(
On the same day, her other tweet was \"Republican cuts, restrictions and balances\", the second irresponsible plan to end health insurance and protect oil companies and millionaires, so two)
On behalf of the Fourth Congressional District of Maryland, including Prince George County and most of Montgomery County, Edwards is not the only one with high enthusiasm.
Two days later, Del. Donna M. Christensen (D-Virgin Islands)
The first woman came to Congress in 1917.
We finally found a ladies lounge near the floor of the house.
\"This is the kind of comfort that the male members of the House have long enjoyed.
However, female members had to walk out of the chamber and put pressure on visitors in the Hall of the statue to reach the reading room of Congress, now known as Lindy Claiborne Boggs, for relief.
Room H211 is located in the bustling mahogany-
Close to elegant Victorian Corridor
Decorate the speaker\'s Hall on the Democratic side of the conference hall.
The entrance has the dignified appearance of other Capitol offices: the mahogany double door and door frame, with a small yellow copper plaque on the top of the head showing the room number and gold paint on the wooden door plaque, \"only members.
The door, guarded by the Capitol Police, was opened with a view of the front hall, which had a blind mahogany door between it and the main bathroom.
Of course, if it looks like an office, it\'s because it\'s an office.
Until House Speaker John. Boehner (R-Ohio)
H211 is the House member\'s office, with orderly plumbing installed on this side of the building.
The member was moved into the former speaker\'s ceremony office, where the speaker kicked the appropriations committee out of historic sites and moved his ceremony office.
A Democratic Hill staff member complained about the long-standing problems
In 2007, long-term demand for women\'s toilets nearby was seen, but \"it was too expensive due to the nature of historical buildings and the increase in plumbing.
The staff rushed to add: \"It\'s not that these women are not worthy of it. Rep.
Shirley Moore Capito (R-W. Va. )
A committee was convened to advise the architects of the Capitol on what women in the house need in the restroom.
One more problem besides the obvious one is the babychanging table.
\"We think that with a group of young women entering Congress, there may be a need one day,\" she said . \".
Inside, the space looks and feels like a historic office in the Capitol.
\"I was impressed by the way [the workmen]
\"I was able to save the tiles on the floor,\" Capito said . \".
Colorful clay tiles from the 1850 s Minton workshop in the UK with rich geometric and baroque patterns found throughout the medium term19th-
The century has added the Capitol, although some of them are reproductions made in the medium term1980s.
Original chandelier and fireplace in the room.
The stalls of the toilet were covered with heavy mahogany doors and partitions.
Edwards said she liked the room with \"lots of light and a nice big mirror.
She said: \"There is a niche under one of the windows and it would be nice to sit down.
But the game is super.
Modern, motion sensors and the like?
The woman member looked a little confused and then said with a smile, \"you flush like you are at home.
\"But the big question remains: Is there a waitress like a male restroom?
The answer is from Capito: not this;
Waitress in the bathroom of the reading room-
\"Did a good job of getting us on schedule and telling us when the vote will start.
But maybe it\'s not a big problem.
Perhaps the question of comfort has been answered.
Edwards said, \"I had to sit [before [in the chamber]between votes.
I don\'t have five minutes to get it [
To the reading room
Then there will be five minutes to come back.
I might miss the vote.
\"Less than two weeks into the culture of Congress, the restroom has been completed.
As one employee said, \"they now call this [area]
The lobby is on one side of the female bathroom.
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