Wood Door Blinds and the Beauty of Wood

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-23
Nothing made by man can fully replicate the natural beauty of wood. Wood has character and a past. Wood has aroma and texture, and it is what man has been working with since the beginning. This special relationship between man and wood allows us to associate emotion and meaning, which makes decorating with wood enthralling. Wood makes a statement, and each type of wood or finish has its own associated image in the human consciousness. One of the palest woods used in fine furniture and wood blinds is white oak. White has always been used in decorating, but the variations of dark stripes worming their way through a pale wood blind provides a cool, chick experience. Golden oak is a richer more timeless wood. Not a deep, wise color, but a rich confident one. Venetian wood blinds made from golden oak provide elegant privacy in lounges and dining rooms. Darker colors like walnut speak to refinement. Textured natural walnut wood grain looks as if it has been around a thousand years, and will last another thousand without blinking. Walnut blinds are prefect for palaces of power; perfect for the executive office. Bamboo comes off completely differently. Of course there is the image of the orient, but bamboo also looks shady and calming. I know of no other wood that is both calm and invigorating at the same time. Perhaps it is because bamboo is closer to grass than wood, but properly integrated, its light weight and excellent performance outdoors will give way to thoughts of tropical paradise. While natural wood is the most raw emotion, there are plenty of ways to even it out. Stains and lacquers give the wood a whole new life while providing for some water protection. Just make sure you feel right when you select your wood, and you are ready to go on to installing it in your home. Wood door blinds provide protection and privacy, especially on glass doors, or doors with large windows. Bamboo is popular because it is naturally heat reflective and water resistant. Bamboo has been used for centuries to keep out heat, but for optimal performance, it must be installed outside. This means no easy raising or lowering of the bamboo blind from inside. Plastic blinds are cheap and easy to clean, but damage easily. The great thing about wood, is that it is made to be custom, made to be cut. Creating custom wood furniture is a personal experience. You get to select the wood, the grain the finish and finally, the size and where that piece of furniture will hang. A wooden blind has its own personality that can be brought out with sandblasting or whatever finish you have in mind. The vertical beaded blind looks bohemian, while the wide slat cherry venetian looks aristocratic. Don't be too conservative and paint your blinds, let them shine in their natural light. A wood door blind is easy to custom cut and is much more attractive at the entrance to your home.
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