Wood Doors - Not Your Only Option For Exterior Doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-22
Wood doors add character and beauty to your home, especially at your home's front entry. When shopping for exterior doors, you can find a wide variety of wood doors and other similar materials. Most of these are made from fiberglass and other materials, which offer features and benefits according to your needs. However, to be clear, wood doors are the classic material of home entry doors; combinations of materials including wood and glass have provided traditional decor for homes for hundreds of years. They can require a good deal of maintenance, and over time, may be subject to damage caused by exposure to the elements, and poorly maintained finishing. Modern finishes on wooden doors provide high performance and lasting beauty. There is also good news if you're open to alternative door materials that offer higher durability and closely resemble wood. Fiberglass Offers Alternative to Steel and Wood Fiberglass is a durable option for your home's exterior doors. It is damage resistant, doesn't attract termites or other organisms that damage wood, and it replicates the beauty of wood without requiring constant upkeep. Fiberglass provides several times the insulation maintenance of wood; installing new fiberglass exterior doors can be part of a complete home energy efficiency plan. Wood Offers Traditional, Natural Beauty It's possible to find wood doors in styles ranging from classical to Victorian to the sleekest simplicity of contemporary designs. Selecting appropriate finish and hardware that complements your wooden doors can help complete the look you want. You can also find eco-friendly doors created from sustainable lumber sources. Shopping and comparing online and in store is helpful for selecting new exterior doors and learning about available options for new entry doors. In summary, if you don't mind paying a premium, wood doors are an exceptional buy. However, if you are conscious of your wallet, fiberglass is not a bad alternative.
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