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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

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[Zhonghua Door and Window Network] At present, there are many types of wooden doors on the market. If we do not pay attention to its quality in the process of purchasing wooden doors, it is easy to buy inferior wooden doors. What should we pay attention to when purchasing wooden doors? The following is a detailed introduction to the common quality problems of wooden doors, as well as wooden door buying techniques.

Common quality problems in wooden doors

1, generating harmful substances

Wood doors and paints will release harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

2, the inner layer is actually paper

The wooden door broke down after a few months, and it was found that the inner layer was just a paper shell. The so-called solid wood door was just a layer of beautiful skin attached to the outside.

3, the door fades yellow

The wooden door was bought back for a few months, the color of the light wooden door turned yellow, the color of the dark wooden door became lighter, and so on, especially the wooden door with strong direct light, the situation was even worse.

Wooden door buying skills

(1) Differences between indoor and outdoor doors

Wooden doors are generally divided into solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded wooden doors and steel wooden doors. When purchasing, first consider the functional needs. It is recommended to choose solid solid doors or solid wood composite doors for outdoor doors, and the choice of interior doors. Nor can it be too sloppy.

1, solid wood & solid wood composite door

Many solid wood door cores, such as cherry wood, walnut, etc., the finished product is not deformed, heat insulation and sound absorption is good; solid wood composite door core is mostly shirt / pine, the surface is solid wood veneer, cost-effective, the finished product is light, Not easy to crack, impact and flame retardant. Both are suitable for outdoor doors.

2, molded wooden door

Molded wooden door is made of two high-density fiber molded door panels with shape and simulated wood grain. It maintains the natural texture of the wood and the panel can be parquet. It is beautiful and lively and practical, and is more suitable for indoor use.

3, steel doors

The outer layer is made of steel plate, which is filled with environmental protection materials such as wooden frame and paper shell. The weight is light, the price is economical, the style is diverse, and the installation is convenient, and the number of paintings is relatively small, which is more suitable for interior doors.

(2) Faces must be safe and environmentally friendly

The quality of wooden doors has a great impact on home safety and quality of life. If you judge the quality of products, there are some practical operational points when purchasing.

1. Certificates: Look at the formaldehyde emission quantity first, and then have the quality certification. Secondly, look at the Chinese environmental labeling product certification to ensure that no formaldehyde emission or release is within the qualified range: formaldehyde emission ≤1.5mg/L, soluble lead ≤90mg/ Kg, soluble cadmium ≤ 75mg / kg, soluble chromium ≤ 60mg / kg.

2, measurement performance: door paint is also very important to stand on the door side to see the door paint surface, need no uneven waves; outdoor wood door paint film yellowing resistance, indoor wood door paint film should be full and thick; , below 12% is up to standard

3, the quality of inspection: touch two touch three door frame, panel, corner, no scratch, the surface is delicate; smell no stimulation, judge the environmental protection of the wooden door; listen to the sound, good wood sound mellow texture, sound is not Even and hollow are defective.

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