Wooden door custom process is what?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-13

custom wooden door is to provide convenient service for people, but still can go wrong in some respects, it is very important to understand the order process of wooden door, wooden door manufacturer to share wooden door custom process is what?

1, custom wood door how to provide the size. Custom wooden door need to pay attention to size, good agent and then need to measure the size of net was provided to manufacturer, the purpose is to confirm correct, the door can be installed with the finished products produced in the doorway.

2, customize the process of wooden door is what? Customized wooden door need to pay attention to the process, from order to delivery the manufacturer will be in a series of process to choose design and color Provide the gate size - to the manufacturer Manufacturers - the budget order Customer confirmation of order - a 19-footer Arrange the deposit - Order production - Notify the shipment - Arrange the balance payment Send the goods. This custom wood door process clear, clear.

3, custom how long time the wooden door. There are many series, wooden door and the production time according to different wood door series, like pure real wood door production time is 30 days, 30 days buckle line outside the door wood veneer door 25 days of white paint and composite door is 20 days of time limit for a project. Agent according to the time limit for a project for their decoration process.

4, what is the delivery process of wooden door. Wood door manufacturer usually give customer delivery first consider is direct logistics, the second is the low cost of logistics, the third big logistics, and according to the logistics, all considerations are better protection for the client.

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