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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08

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Since the beginning of the development of the wooden door industry, it has been a business model based on extensive development. However, with the development of the times, the extensive development model is no longer suitable for the current operation. The wooden door enterprise once had the 'artisan spirit' At the moment, it seems that we haven't been able to keep up with the pace of the times. However, if we look closely at the core words of Internet thinking: word of mouth, extremes, etc., we can easily find that, in fact, the wooden door enterprises pursue perfection for their products. The ultimate, highlighting the 'artisan spirit', does not violate the spirit of the Internet, but it is precisely the lack of treasure in the context of this new era, which is especially true for wooden door enterprises. Only a detailed and vivid product can become a If the wooden door enterprise does not have the 'artisan spirit', it is very likely that a detailed negligence will easily hit a brand building. This requires the wooden door enterprise to 'carve' and then 'carve' in various aspects of conception, production, design and channel. 'We must know that many wooden door brands are rapidly developing and expanding the market through the details of this series of carvings. This requires more attention to the process, standardization and specialization of wooden doors. More than 1% investment, maybe one more user experience. 'Artisan spirit' She is the confidence of the company's self-confidence Fumanmen wooden door is undoubted, due to the impact of the big environmental situation, wooden door enterprises can not be indifferent in the face of rapid changes, This is indeed a choice that does not advance or retreat. However, it is precisely in this period when everything can happen, the 'artisan spirit' has more real meaning of its existence, which allows us to benefit from the blind market in the blind market. Calm down in anxiety, understand where the problem is solved, and guide the wooden door enterprises on how to move forward. Therefore, in a sense, the 'artisan spirit' is not the result of the wooden door enterprises and wooden door entrepreneurs. A kind of self-confidence, a belief in the cause? Although the era is developing very fast, the wooden door enterprise can not lose the 'artisan spirit'. Therefore, Fumanmen wooden door http://www.jyfmm.com

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