Wooden door installation how to do?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-14

wooden wooden door to try to choose and consistent with the wooden furniture, achieve good adornment effect, the wooden door manufacturer to share wooden door installation how to do?

are completed, cleaned up the health, carefully check each corner, where does not meet the timely communication with installation workers to solve. The measurement of wooden door.

after the first floor do play crural line, if the door didn't pack that also can't fixed on both sides of the line that play a base, so to install floor workers still have a fixed, thus extravagance and the both sides of the time. If time allows, don't require urgent installation, some manufacturer will literally find guerrillas to cope with the installation of your home. The door and floor installation order. Let's talk about the impact of hydropower project, water and electricity transformation drainage tubes need to go, so go line of the position to be clearly marked, prevent installing a punch in the process of wooden door to line pipe or conduit, to avoid more trouble. It is recommended that first fitted the floor behind the door.

if the first floor, it won't solve, what are the subject of transition between sitting room and bedroom to buckle position cannot be determined, technological requirements to buckle required in wooden door directly, shut the door after invisible to buckle inside and outside. After the ground treatment, can other construction projects, such as time limit for a project to a close, the installation of floor and wooden door, wooden door and floor who first put more reasonable, we have to analyze.

to install door, wooden door cover can be directly to the ground, under the loading floor can the door cover with a chainsaw saw a reasonable shop floor space. At the bottom of the wooden door opening free can be reserved according to the thickness of the floor, usually in 2 cm - 2. 5cm。 Customers booking in advance can make reasonable wooden door factory workers to construction arrangement ( Usually in 3 - measurement of time 5-5 days, the installation time 7 days) 。 Told hydropower installation workers before the construction of the road, need special handling also instructions in advance, otherwise workers will be in accordance with the conventional control process of construction, it will not effect you want. The importance of installation in advance.

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