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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-10

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Consumers can't rely on cross-sections to buy wooden doors. Because the products are ready, customers can't open the wooden doors to find out. In many cases, the real wood used is much more than the cross-section of the display. The price of thousands of yuan. In fact, it is only a material of six or seven hundred yuan, and it is also possible to sell the price of a solid wood door, but the filler inside is honeycomb paper. With the refinement of the home building materials market, the sale of finished doors began to appear on the market. Now, the development of the wooden door industry has already flourished. Among them, the wooden door has been deeply loved by consumers because of its environmental protection and health characteristics. The decoration season of “Golden September and Silver 10” is coming soon. What problems should consumers pay attention to when purchasing and installing wooden doors? Only by cross-section to determine the material is unreliable. People who have purchased wooden doors must have such experience. When entering a wooden door store, the salesperson will introduce the cross-section of the wooden door to the customer in addition to the characteristics of the wooden door. According to industry insiders, consumers can't rely on cross-sections to buy wooden doors. Because the products are ready, customers can't open the wooden doors to check. Many times the real wood used is much more than the cross-section of the display. The price of thousands of yuan is actually only six or seven hundred yuan, and it is also possible to sell the price of solid wood doors, but the filler inside is honeycomb paper; the second obvious problem is that it is a wooden door made in Shaanxi, but it is playing. The outer door of the Guangdong Gate and the Beijing Gate. Xi'an has a special processing point. Wherever the door can be made, and then the local manufacturing trademark is attached. Some merchants use the scorpion of the foreign door to attract consumers, and then use the name of the foreign door to increase the price to make huge profits. Therefore, when buying a door, in addition to shopping, if the filling is not the same, the weight can be identified. In order to cover up the material, some merchants will seal all the paint around the door, including the bottom, so that people can't distinguish from the appearance. The entrance and bottom of the formal business door are not painted. The average solid wood veneer door price and freight are at least In the case of more than 1,000 yuan, if the solid wood door is sold for five or six hundred yuan, it should be vigilant. The bedroom door is mostly light-transparent and solid door type. If the brand is determined, the choice of wooden door style is also very knowledgeable. Often talk about the 'facade', you must know that the choice of the door is the facade of the home, sloppy. In addition to the quality of the wooden door, it is also necessary to consider whether the use function, style and color of the wooden door are coordinated. The most important consideration of the bedroom door is the privacy and the creation of a warm atmosphere. Therefore, the door type with weak light transmission and firmness is adopted. The door of the study should have a door type with good sound insulation, good light transmission and strong design. It can create a simple and elegant book fragrance; the kitchen door should choose a waterproof and sealed door type to effectively block the fumes generated during cooking, such as semi-transparent semi-glass doors; the bathroom door mainly focuses on privacy and waterproof. Factors such as sex, you can choose to design a stylish full-brushed semi-glass door. On the other hand, the color of the wooden door is closely related to the color of the wall, the floor and the soft decoration of the furniture. If you don't have much confidence, just close the color of the door to a 'big environment', or the floor or furniture or decoration, and then distinguish it in the details, so that it will not go wrong. Another point is that the wooden door, wall and floor should best adhere to the same color system, but the color is best not to be the same, so that the direction is the same, the details are different, to prevent the ground from being confused with the wall, reducing the room space. sense. It is necessary to pay attention to the improper size when measuring the door. It is understood that the current wood door industry is very lack of excellent installation workers, so the device problems caused by improper measurement are very common. According to the professional introduction, there are several factors to pay attention to when measuring the door. The first is the width of the door. When measuring the width, at least the bottom, middle and top should be measured. The narrowest value should be taken; then the door cover The thickness, the same reason, because the wall is not straight, so also measure the bottom, middle and top three positions, take the maximum value. If you make a mistake or only measure a place, it is likely to be impossible to install due to a 0.5 cm error, and sometimes even the wall can be installed. When measuring, consumers should be at the scene to check the measurement number and recorded data of the measuring personnel. Once the size of the door is measured, do not engage in other “patterns” such as tiling on the wall near the door. Choosing a white wooden door is the most difficult to make mistakes. Because the wooden door belongs to the functional façade of the living room, in general, the wooden door has a relatively large connection with the furniture, the wall paint and the window cover. The association with the floor is relatively small. When the living room environment is warm, the corresponding wooden doors can choose warmer colors, such as: purple ash door, cherry wood door, teak wood door, Sapele wooden door and so on. When the living environment is cold, the wooden door should be lighter, such as white oil and birch. The wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture. It should be as consistent as possible with the window cover dumb (the current set wooden door has a matching window cover dumb, skirting board, corner line), and there should be a corresponding contrast with the wall color. For example, it is best to use a white wood door with a mixed oil to give the wall paint a color, so that the room will be layered, not too 'flat', and the room effect will feel particularly fresh. The color of the ground and the coordination of the wooden door should maintain the same color (such as cold and warm), but it is best not to be consistent, to prevent the ground from colliding with the wall and to reduce the sense of space in the living room. Large or sunny rooms, you can choose a darker black walnut door to create a calmer atmosphere. Color itself is beautiful, there is no right or wrong, all in coordination, if you really do not take time, choose white wooden door, white is the most error-prone color! Before the installation, pay attention to the material of the door lock hole. The current wooden door market is in an unprecedented period of prosperity. The wooden door products in the building materials city are dazzling, which makes consumers have more space when purchasing, but how to buy it. What about the wooden door? First of all, according to the classification of various wooden doors and processing techniques, wooden doors are divided into solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, composite doors, molded doors and double-pack doors. The solid wood door texture is very clear, with strong overall solid wood and three-dimensional sense; solid wood composite door is stable for a long time, no deformation, no cracking, and also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and the sound insulation effect is good; the molded door is not easy to crack And deformation; the biggest advantage of the double-packed door is that it is not easy to crack and deform, it is very stable. The disadvantage is that the door itself is very light, the door is light and there is no feel, the feeling is very low, and the style of the door is very small. Secondly, both the door and the door need to have good sound insulation and impact resistance, so that they can have a sense of security. Therefore, choose a wooden door that is dense in material, strong in structure, and safe to use. The price of wooden doors varies greatly. Many wooden doors have different wooden door prices due to different tree species. Therefore, when purchasing wooden doors, they should be carried out within reasonable expenditure. Try to choose a manufacturer with good brand reputation. By checking the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer, compare the relevant industry standards to see if the product structure is what it is. Before installation, pay attention to the internal materials by looking at the door lock hole for the final check.

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