Wooden door manufacturers teach you how to maintain security doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-24
In order to ensure daily Family Safety, we usually install security doors. Security doors can play a role in ensuring the safety of family property and life to a certain extent. We need to pay attention to the purchase of high quality and guaranteed security doors when purchasing security doors. Moreover, after the security door is purchased, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance. The following Guangdong wooden door manufacturers will introduce the daily maintenance methods of security doors: first, always wipe the dirt on the door leaf of the security door with a clean soft cloth, and pay attention to ensure that the security door is dry and avoid sun and rain. Composite plastic steel plate products should protect the composite plastic film to avoid cutting; Spray plastic steel products to avoid water or other difficult to remove the masonry scale or corrosive substances, in order to extend the service life of the security door. It is suggested to cover the protective film on the plastic plate after decoration or a layer of film on the plastic spraying plate. When installing the security door, it is necessary to carefully fill the cement so that the door frame and the wall are effectively closely combined, which can also keep the door body and the door frame in a reasonable coordination and use for a long time without worrying about deformation. If it is difficult to insert the lock cylinder when opening the door, a little graphite can be coated. Or insert the lock core with a pencil lead. In severe cold areas, the problem of security doors 'overwintering' is also very important, because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in severe cold areas is very large, and the lock cylinder of security doors is easily affected with damp and then frozen when cold and hot water flows, to avoid this situation, before the arrival of winter, it is necessary to drop two drops of antifreeze oil in the lock cylinder, and then use gasoline or diesel to clean after winter. Vegetable oil cannot be used as lubricant for lock cylinder. When the key cannot be completely inserted into the keyhole when opening the door, if it is in winter, first check whether there is ice in the keyhole; If other seasons, check whether there is foreign matter in the keyhole. If you hear the metal friction sound of the switch door, you can try dripping a little lubricating oil on the hinge of the security door. If it is invalid, you can find a professional maintenance worker. When the security door is closed, the resistance is too large, and a little lubricating oil can be applied to the movable Bolt. The above is Runcheng's maintenance skills for security doors. Reasonable maintenance can prolong the service life of security doors and enable our security doors to protect our family safety for a long time. I hope the above little knowledge of maintenance can help everyone.
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