Wooden door production process


A. Material Preparation

With this system which imported from Europe, the workshop can always be in a clean and tidy environment, which is the premise for creating high quality products.


B. Door Leaf Process

Doo Leaf Nailing; Door Core Lamination (cold press); Veneer Lipping; Solid Wood Eadge Lipping; Punching; Carving; Batten Pressing Machine; Itatian Membrane Press; Hardware Hole Processing; Door Quality Inspection.


C. Door Frame Process

Pressing of Door Frame; Door Frame Painting; Door Frame Veneering; Door Frame Sawing; Door Frame Length Fixing; Architrave Mortise and Tenon; Sanding and Thickness Fixing; Pin Board; Architrave Matching.


D. Painting Process

Paint Polishing; Shading; Sanding; Spraying Machine; Electrostatic Spray Coating Renovation.


E. Product Inspection

Product inspection requires the following tests: 1. Whether the company label and the order remarks are attached; 2. Check the size, type and customer information...


F.  Packaging

Door Frame Packing; Door Leaf Packing; Door Leaf Packing; Loading.

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