Wooden door products and precautions for acceptance after installation

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-15
Wooden door products and precautions for acceptance after installation acceptance of wooden door products: 1. The surface of the door is free from scratches, bumps and other injuries. 2. The color is consistent with the customer's requirements and there is no obvious color difference. The color is bright and the wood grain is clear. 3. The whole batch of doors has the same color and no obvious color difference. Meet the customer's gloss requirements. 4. The paint surface has no sagging, shrinkage cavity, edge expansion and wrinkle, the line angle is basically the same as the surface, and there are no defects such as paint accumulation and abrasion. 5. The size of the door is in line with the size of the hole. 6. Wooden doors are colored on both sides without obvious difference. 7. The surface of the coating has no obvious processing marks and no coloring defects. 8. According to the drawings and processing technology, the real material is real. 9. Wooden doors should be flat, square and free from warping. Meet tolerance requirements (National standard). 10. The combination between product parts and parts should be tight, firm, seamless and not loose. 11. The hinge is not skewed, punched according to the mold, and the keyhole position is accurate. 12. Uniform alignment; The depth of the notch is consistent and there is no wave. Acceptance after installation of wooden doors: 1. The installation gap of the door panel is uniform and meets the requirements. The installation of the door cover is square and not skewed. 2. The door leaf is open flexibly and has no abnormal sound. 3. The door cover and the wall are sealed on both sides with sealant, and cut flat after drying. 4. The sleeve interface must be flat and the tolerance of sleeve camber is 1mm. 5. After the door leaf is closed, it is tightly combined with the sealing strip and does not swing.
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