Wooden door should be coordinated and household is tonal

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-12
With the progress and development of wood door manufacturer, wooden door has increased significantly in the position in a bedroom to decorate, how to choose the wooden door, collocation has become an important part of the bedroom style. In this case, the door think, wooden door should be coordinated with household colour! Because wooden door and decorate a style is closely linked, it is suggested that the owner before decorate, which door, to the which room will have a clear plan in advance. The modelling of wooden door to the bedroom decorate a style is consistent, household decorates a style is mainly divided into classical Chinese style, European style, contracted, mixing, etc. , if the room is decorated is Europe type style, it also had better choose european-style wooden door, for example, carve patterns or designs on woodwork wood door and European mirror each other. In addition, the choice of the wooden wooden door should also be consistent with indoor wooden furniture, as far as possible in order to achieve the best adornment effect. Good colour collocation is the key of the bedroom is decorated, so we after confirmed the design, then consider whether the color of wooden door with bedroom style photograph collocation. According to professional designer's advice, when the mass-tone attune of light color fastens inside the bedroom, should choose the cool color series such as white oak, birch wood door, when the inside the mass-tone attune of the bedroom is brunet department, you should choose such as teak, the sand Billy, the walnut wood door of warm color department. The color of the wood and the color of the soft adornment metope, ground and furniture. Stylist proposal, if you do not have too big hold, you as long as the color of wooden door close to a 'big environment', or ground or furniture or decoration, and then distinguish on the details, so make sure not to make mistakes; Another point is that it's better to keep the same color wood, metope and ground, but had better not exactly the same color, do direction consistent details some of the differences, to prevent the ground with metope confusion, abate bedroom space. In wooden door 'the color relations' with metope, ground, wooden door is close to quite with the color of furniture, need to have some correspondence with metope colour quality. The colour of wood products for household decorates the obvious influence is huge, jia chang wooden door that consumers in the choose and buy wooden door products, should try to let the wooden door and household colour coordinated.
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