Wooden door style Type Summary

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-22
Guangdong wooden door style Type Summary: wooden doors are divided into single door, Child door, opposite door, sliding door and hidden door according to the style. A good understanding of a single door is an ordinary door, which is used in an ordinary door opening. A mother is a mother (Gate fan)With a child (Small door leaf), The child and mother doors are generally larger in the width of the door opening ( Greater than the width of ordinary single doors and less than the total width of double doors) For the overall beauty, the door leaf is designed with a large and a small mother-in-law form. The opposite door is also called double door, which is a door with two door leaves. It is mainly used in the door opening with large width, which can be opened conveniently and ensure coordination and beauty. Sliding door is a door that can be pushed and pulled on a plane relying on guide rails. Sliding door is very convenient for the division and utilization of the room space, and the narrow space will not be wasted because of opening and closing the door. In addition to the common partition doors, sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, wall cabinets, living rooms, exhibition halls, push-pull doors, etc. The Hidden Door is the concept of the door, but it plays the role of the door. When not in use, it looks complete and coordinated. In fact, it is just like the secret door seen on TV. It is not easy to find the existence of the door. The Hidden Door needs a certain design, which can add some mystery and creativity to the home. Friendship tips, even if the house is big, don't install too many hidden doors, be careful not to find the door in your own home.
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