Wooden door to paint process?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-12

now the wooden door type on the market is very much, style each different, the effect of different wood door can be displayed, the following wood wood door manufacturer to you talk about how to paint process?

1, the grassroots do flat. Press monochromatic paint process will be cleaned up at the grass-roots level and besmear brushs a first oil or thin novolac, dry after prepared with oily or harmonic lacquer putty putty to fill compaction, local defects do slightly after polishing, with a delicate child comprehensive full blow ( Mainly doors) 1 a 2 way to base with smooth surface, after dry, use 100 # emery cloth base repeated exposure in the wood grain direction level off is smooth, clean sweep light, wipe with wet cloth to be painted.

2, painting color paint. According to the design requirements or user requirements, first with the mixed paint or enamel ( Phenolic glue, phenolic resin, alkyd enamel, are available) , all doors and Windows outside evenly according to color separation boundary, 8 a dry after 12 hours, according to the requirements of the color along separation line will all doors and Windows of the evenly mixed paint or enamel again. When you brush to brush color line industry straight, neat and tidy. When operation is not very skilled, but after being outside the paint dry, according to color separation line straight stick with polyester, transparent tape, color tape and the edge of the hot real stick close together, in case the brush paint suitable tape when openings in dirty external paint line boundary. Generally only for door leaf color bound to stick adhesive tape, and color separation line of the window, available long pole neat little brush or brush stroke. After being in the paint dry, brushed in the besmear again according to the above method, respectively, of the second color paint. Brush is the key to the doors and Windows color paint, color paint should be tidy, neat, color separation line to be straight, cannot have rolled edges, burrs, as well as the cross the line, as long as it can do a good job, color paint quality is guaranteed.

3, modification. Color paint brush after dry, for each and every window one by one check, if there are any burrs, mixed color, the bad phenomena such as flow mark, the door leaf color separation line, long pole brush dips in the available color QiShun separation line carefully modified neat, operation should be less when dipping paint, more stroke. Color separation line of the window, dip in with brush the paint door each surface modification and tidy.

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