Wooden door which classification have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-10

on the market the brand of wooden door is numerous, classification of multifarious, buyers need to have understanding to the classification of wooden door, wooden door below manufacturers to share wooden door which classification have?

a: pure real wood door

pure real wood door is drawn from the natural log of the forest to make the door core, through the nonfat dry processing, cutting, shaving, tenon, eyelet, high-speed wash the scientific processes such as form. Pure real wood door selection is more valuable timber, such as cherry, peach flower, rubber wood, walnut, golden teak, oak, etc. , through the processing of products door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no spell seams and heat insulation and other characteristics. At the same time, the real wood door because has outstanding sound-absorbing, and effectively play the role of the sound insulation. Pure real wood natural wood grain and color, to decorate a style to advocating return to nature, is undoubtedly the best choice. Pure real wood door there is a kind of tender feeling since time immemorial, not only appearance richly, carving delicate, style and diverse. Because of the wood material, style, price is different and different, such as grain usually sets of wooden door price of 3000 yuan of above. Advanced real wood door do much better in the link of dehydration treatment, the relative moisture content in 8% mercy, so the wooden door of not easy cracking deformation after forming, use time will be longer. But because it is made by the natural log monolith, therefore have off color is opposite bigger, such as rendering small shrinkage joint faults.

2: solid wood craft door

solid wood door technology door core is made from pine, fir, etc, density board or meranti plate is stuck outside, facing with real wood veneer, after high temperature hot pressing, with real wood sealing side line. Usually advanced solid wood craft door, the door core more for high quality Chinese fir, hot-pressing 45 - appearance Natural wood veneer (60 silk More than three times the equivalent panel) 。 Because Chinese fir density is small, and relatively easy to control the moisture content, so the stability of finished product door is good, not easy cracking deformation. In addition, real wood craft door with insulation, impact resistance and flame retardant properties, and the sound insulation effect with pure real wood door is essentially the same. Because real wood craft door modelling diversity, modelling diversity, or elegant european-style carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or spelling a flower of of all kinds of classical Chinese, modern or fashion, the door of the different decorate a style to give the vast consumers choose space, high-grade solid wood craft door not only has the feel is smooth, color soft features, also very environmental protection, strong and durable.

3: ordinary plywood door

usually flush door to wood, perforated plate, door core is high density board, etc, double-sided flat part of the door with decoration panel ( Plywood, laminated, decorate plywood) Glue groove part with pressure in the box, wood or paper, posted by machining. This kind of door light quality, low price, but is limited by technology, do manual work is relatively coarse, appearance color difference is bigger, near the door only stick wood wood sealing side, the paper maybe nail.

4: mold gate

moulded door was to bring two pieces of high density fiber molded door skin appearance and simulation of wood grain by the mechanical limit. And the manufacture of molded door plank is the use of plantation wood, peeling, slicing, picking, dry ground into fiber, add the binder and ash, in the high temperature molding next time. So, from this technically, moulded door also belong to flush door, just molded door panel of choice is high density fiber board. Moulded door than real wood craft manufacture, chosen is the mechanization of production, so the money also is low. Can visit wood grain decoration effect, but there is no solid wood door of the simulation of natural role.

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