Wooden Doors - Decorative and Durable, All in One

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-22
Wooden doors can be one of the most beautiful parts of a house. Whether you have dark or light, smooth, or carved they made to fit in any room it will add a distinctive touch of class and elegance. Here are some important things you should look into when considering to install new doors. Design Solid wood entrances are made entirely of wood and can be manufactured with or without panels inserted. Solid core doors have an inside agglomerate or other plating material covered by fiberglass. In today's market we can choose from two main types of wooden doors - panels and smooth. Wooden doors are made with a smooth central section within a single paneled wood or wood veneer. The door panels, such as those of rabbet and rail or panel in relief, have for decorative effects, frames with vertical sections (nose tongs) and horizontal sections (rails). The wood or glass panels generally fill the spaces between sections, it doesn't matter whether it is an interior or an exterior doors. Some doors have more than one track between the nose tongs. Further more, usually, the outer doors have panels or tempered glass panels laminated to the top of the door. The glass panels in wooden entrance and glass designs can be colored and often, for safety, are reinforced with wire. Most standard entrance ways are 36 inches (3 feet) wide and can be any where form 6 to 8 feet tall, depending on the placement of the door. Some interior doors are often a bit narrower and can measure 30 inches. The doors can be bought unfinished or pre-finished. They usually come in two forms, pre-hung in wood frames or simply the door it's self with no frame. Other types of wooden doors include revolving, rustic, or sliding wooden doors. Why use a wooden door? More than anything, wooden doors, whether made from softwoods or nobles wood, are more durable and infinitely more decorative than other types of doors. If you are like me then you would want your doors to have a long operating life and wood doors are amongst the most durable doors in the market, if and only if they are properly maintained. In addition, doors made of wood offer a variety of designs, styles, colors and appearances, so it is more likely to find a door that meets your tastes and needs. Manufacturing Process Wood doors can only be made of wood that has been dried properly; the wood has a natural tendency to retain moisture. It is also necessary that the wood acclimates to the room temperature of where it is being built. These processes reduce tensions in the wood and are critical to their quality. In the case of flush doors, the doors are made from a single panel that is placed within the frame. Solid wood doors are made entirely of wood, solid core doors with wood placed on some kind of inner core such as particle board. With respect to the entrance panels as described above, in recent years there have been significant improvements in building panels. Because wood has a tendency to change in size do to changes in humidity and temperature, today's manufacturers build door panels 'float.' These panels are held in place with notches along the edges of the rails and nose tongs instead of glue. This design allows the door to 'move' with the changing environment and eliminates the problems of cracking and separation.
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