Wooden Flooring Maintenance Guide

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-05-08
There are numerous advantages of getting wood flooring installed in house. When you visit market in search of flooring then you will find that there are several types of floorings are available here. Let me tell about all those types in brief. First of them is solid wooden flooring, however you cannot use it everywhere. You can use it only on the place where there is even surface. It is considered as one of the strongest type of flooring and don't easily get affected with moisture, heat and dust. Its advantage is that you can get it in your desired color. The reason why many home owners opt for it is that it is inexpensive as compared to other types. Another type is engineered wooden flooring. You can easily use it on concrete and other related surfaces. It is also moisture resistant and don't get affected with humidity. Shapes available in this type are planks, panels, strips and many more. It is a little bit expensive but gives quite excellent performance. It gives quite long life if you maintained it properly. Now if you already have wooden flooring in your home then to take care of it is rather important. Most common problems in wooden floors are that it often covers with dust, dirt, grit and other related problems. All these are considered as an enemy of flooring because it lost its real shining and give it a fade look. But to get rid of it there is a solution which is that you should keep mats at the entrance of door. If you can't keep it on each door then you must keep mat at least at front doors. Regular cleaning of flooring with a brush or Hoover is also very important. Vacuum cleaner can also be used for this purpose but avoid using revolving brush as it can damage it. Another commonly seen problem is scratches. Because of our foot and the paws of animals and the furniture that we kept on floor, it is very common that floor get scratches. So you should use floor protectors to prevent scratches. Avoid dragging of furniture; instead you should lift it while moving it from one place to another. If you can't afford to keep floor protectors then rugs can also be used. If your wooden floor gets direct sunlight then it is likely to fade easily. To resolve this problem you should coat it with UV protection material. By following all above mentioned points you can keep your flooring looking like new always.
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