woodturners create \'unique\' massive platter for canada\'s 150th birthday

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
The woodturner society\'s plan for Canada Day in Edmonton is big enough that they need Jerry-Their lathe.
Ten members of the group joined forces to create a 1. 6-metre-
They hope the diameter Memorial platter will help Canada celebrate its 150 birthday.
An unusually large piece made of Poplar strips, laminated together to make about 1 board.
8 metresin diameter before the team cut with a band saw.
After a lot of adjustments and smooth, the team became half
Form a circular \"bead\" on the wood, forming 150 rings around the circumference of the platter.
\"Our goal in the whole thing is to create a unique piece of art to commemorate and commemorate 150 Canadian session,\" Bill Nesto, chairman of the Edmonton woodturner Association branch, said recently.
In the center of the platter, there is a maple tree with a map of Canada showing each province and region and the date of each union joining.
It was a 6.
3 cm band showing the Canadian flag and the floral logo in each province, painted with a spray gun.
\"We definitely want to stick to the native forests of Canada,\" Nestor said . \".
Nestor said that a river-like texture pattern extends from the top of the plate to the bottom, breaking the pattern formed by the beads, representing the Canadian River.
Projects of this size also face challenges.
The latthing project of this diameter is rare, though not unheard of, says Nestor.
Before it is cut into a certain size, the weight of the laminated board is 108 kg because it is made up of many separate strips, and the centripetal force can simply tear the board apart.
Most lathes can only take 1 plate.
The diameter is less than or equal to 2 m.
Since this plate is a little bigger than that, the team members had to make some adjustments temporarily and weld some extra steel to the lathe.
\"To open the lathe, it is a huge piece of wood;
\"Most of the lathes are not even adapted to this situation,\" he said . \".
Because Nestor is not sure if the platter will really work, he has put the team off any big plans to complete the platter.
Nestor wants the federal government to show it in different Canadian day venues and events before July 1, but there is not much adventure yet.
\"In the end, we hope to have a permanent exhibition in Ottawa,\" he said . \".
\"It depends more or less on the government.
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