worried homeowners will return to the house to double check they locked the front door 3,136 times over their lifetime

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-15
According to the new study, worried homeowners will go back to the House and double check that they lock the front door 3,136 times in their life.
Although more than half of respondents admitted they were more worried about family safety.
So the average person will go back to the front door at least once a week to make sure it\'s safe.
The study shows that busy Britons have a habit of forgetting things when they go out-the fifth one forgets to close the window or turn off the lights, and 12 cents accidentally leave the TV on.
Take the phone out of the House, empty the trash can in the kitchen and turn off the heating, which is also the most important of the 20 things that are often forgotten.
When going on vacation, 2 out of 3 travelers admitted they were worried about how safe their house would be-so much that everyone shortened the holiday because they couldn\'t think of anything else.
This means that more than 4 million British people will worry about the safety of their homes when they go out this summer.
The study coincides with Bosch\'s smart home portfolio in the UK, which includes smart plugs, door and window sensors and 360-
There are now indoor cameras on the shelves.
Steffen Hoffmann, president of Bosch UK, conducted a 2,000 study and said: \"As our lives get busier and busier, we are getting used to coordinating our lives with smartphones.
It\'s no wonder that not being able to check our home remotely makes us a little homesick.
\"Our research has found that many of us care about the safety of our families.
Whether we forget to lock the door, close the window, or turn off the oven, these lingering doubts are devouring our sense of security.
This study shows that when people leave, set up an anti-theft alarm, or turn off the straightener, it is also something that people often forget to put valuables outside of view, and they are worried about the latter most of the day.
The researchers found that as they returned home to properly lock the front door, one out of six was late for work and one out of 20 missed an important appointment.
One in 10 admitted that they were very concerned about the house, they called the neighbors to check, and one in 20 called friends at work and asked them to stop.
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