would you buy it? america’s creepiest motel is for sale and it’s full of clowns, ‘haunted’ and next to a graveyard

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-22
Many people fantasize about running their boutique hotels after retirement.
But what about a \"have\" clown?
A theme hotel built next to an ancient cemetery?
Clown Motel is the most horrible overnight stay in the United States for £ 681,000-
Cheaper than London apartments.
Located next to an old cemetery in the former mining town of tornopa, Nevada, 31-
Hotel rooms are often booked out.
Welcomed by ghost hunters and clown fans (
Yes, they do exist)
Those obsessed with a big-
After seeing the hotel on the creepy website, top-level overnight.
The hotel is located between the main city of Reno and Las Vegas and is perfect for those who make their last gamble on their way home from Sin City.
But while the blood of most people gets cold because of the night at the Clown Motel, current boss Bob pechetti says it\'s a very pleasant place.
He claims that he has never had any problems with a ghost or a clown in his decorating business --
He was keen to explain that he did not talk to the human portrait on the wall of his business.
Bob, who runs the Clown Motel for 22 years, told the local news station KLAS: \"This is [been]
Known as the most horrible motel in the United StatesS. \"I love clowns.
I never had a problem with a clown.
\"The Clown Motel is right next to the cemetery that opened on 1901 --
Ten years later, 300 bodies were buried.
Now, the tombs are engraved with ordinary wooden crosses, with their names engraved on them, and in the desert breeze, the crosses shake strangely.
The new owner of the motel also needs to like the creepy face
The funnel workers who draw, because the safety protection of the clown is part of the deal --
Bob will check in to make sure they are all taken care of and the exact location where he left them.
\"Oh, I\'m going to miss the clown,\" he added.
I\'m coming back.
I\'m coming back to see my clown.
Clown residents of motel
Its range from thimble
6 feet high
He used to be Bob\'s business partner.
He said: \"He has a house full of clowns, and he decided to bring the clowns up and let them work.
\"I don\'t know how he collected hundreds of Clowns of different sizes, shapes and plots, but Bob decided they would be ideal for their new business.
Every room is full of clowns.
It is said that some guests were forced to cover them with towels before going to bed because there were so many people staring at them that they could not relax. Some 37. a-
Guest room with clown hanging from ceiling
Imagine if a person falls on you at night?
This will be the fastest route to 1-
Review of Star Trip Advisor.
The frightened mom put in a \"haunted doll\" she claimed to have scratched her husband on eBay \".
Do you remember last year\'s killer clown craze?
Watch a terrible video with a little guy standing on the side of the road.
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