yedlin: new energy minister should \'make haste slowly\'

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
Two words are engraved on the heavy wooden door of the Vicio Palace in Florence, Italy: Festina Lente.
In English, they mean \"hurry slowly \".
This is one of several axiom of new energy minister Margaret McQuaker of Alberta
Boyd, when she takes over the second most important portfolio in government, it should be remembered.
\"I hope minister mckeg
As a representative of the province and holder of such an important government portfolio, Boyd is inclusive and will take the time to fully understand the energy sector --
By doing so, her position as Minister of Energy will be stronger, which will be better for the energy sector and Alberta, \"said Jim Davidson, executive chairman of First Energy Capital. McCuaig-
Boyd is an unknown in the energy sector, and given the challenges in the industry since oil prices began to fall, this fact is quite disturbing.
To be fair, Alberta\'s most recent energy minister, Frank orborough, remains an unknown, although he has held a portfolio since last September and has held a government position since 2004.
Patch patch is a tough industry and Alberta\'s energy industry is full of strong people who have gone through countless cycles and challenges including 2007 royalty reviews, the financial crisis of 2008
09 and what is going on today.
All of McCuaig.
No matter how firmly Boyd is committed to getting to the learning curve as soon as possible, her position will be forgiven.
It\'s always helpful to be able to speak the same language --
In this case, the language of energy
With some credibility, McCuaig is unlikely --
Boyd was there today.
However, this should not prevent her from starting the process as soon as possible.
\"Given the current environment, I would suggest that the new minister do a lot of outreach work to understand the challenges of today\'s industry,\" said Ken Hughes, a former energy minister in Alberta . \".
\"In addition, she has to keep an eye on --
Working with new Environment Minister Shannon Phillips
Enhance Alberta\'s reputation outside the province
\"There are people in town who are used to building constructive working relationships with anyone in the energy mix, and that should go on.
On the other hand, there are some wells-
Respected people in Calgaryinformed, non-
Parties and thoughtful views, and any number of government leaders seek advice from these views --
Federal and Provincialover the years.
Rachel nortley and mckeg-
Boyd will be fine.
It is recommended to contact these people.
The difficult part for both sides is to build trust in the new government, which can be said to be taken for granted for more than 40 years.
Some people want to see the new government make mistakes, but it\'s not right either.
Despite the small size of the cabinet, there was no restructuring of the public service sector, and Hughes saw the move as a sensible one as it played an important role in ensuring a smooth transition.
Public services also carry
The new minister will rely on important institutional knowledge to understand the industry and help make policy decisions.
Alberta\'s energy industry is on the cusp
Some say in the middle
The government of the National Development Plan and its energy minister will have to negotiate major changes.
The dynamic primary population of the oil and gas industry is almost gone, and this is the result of the industry\'s growing complexity, which means that it will take millions of dollars for new companies to get started, not to mention the nature of unconventional games, they are more similar to manufacturing.
Second, the current reality is that Alberta\'s energy sector is part of global construction, but remains an island as its main export exports remain south of the border.
This document will not disappear, and it is also related to any approach taken by the government with respect to specific gas emission regulations.
Third, signs of a glut in North America\'s natural gas supply have not disappeared quickly.
While the prospect of a strong LNG export market may provide some support for gas prices, there are other options to explore in the use of such resources.
The tense oil revolution in the United States has highlighted the need for Alberta to enter new markets.
This is not negotiable and must be done.
Let\'s not forget McCuaig.
Boyd will have to deal with the challenge of greening the grid while reducing electricity costs.
The key is that there are many factors beyond the control of the industry, namely capital markets, capital access and commodity prices.
As one industry insider commented on Monday, prices determine profitability and capital markets determine which companies can grow.
The government should focus on what it does control.
Ensure that Alberta remains financially competitive, that the regulatory system is effective, that there is a clear commitment to sustainable environmental sustainability, and that it works with other jurisdictions to gain market access.
Considering how 2015 looks for the energy sector, the increased complexity of reducing the competitive power of Alberta\'s oil sector is the least need to happen.
\"What the new minister and the government need to remember is that a healthy investment environment means jobs for Albertans.
This is a fairly simple algorithm . \"
The communications chairman of the Canadian Petroleum Producers Association noted that this is not the first time the industry needs to keep the new minister up to speed.
Some of these require government-guaranteed information in order to set aside a certain level of general uncertainty in today\'s vast body of evidence.
There may be a lot to do with the new government.
This will become clearer in the next month\'s governance report
But as Hughes says, it is important to note that there is always a choice between changing the way things are done and actually done.
Trying both at the same time doesn\'t work, he said.
This is especially the case if tried in a hurry.
Deborah yellín is a columnist for the Calgary Herald.
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