Classification of solid wood doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-21
Many people already have some knowledge about our wooden door knowledge, Guangzhou, Guangdong, the whole country, manufacturers, sellers and so on, and have also introduced them to everyone, and today Runcheng will introduce them to everyone. Wooden door classification (1)Classified by opening method. Wooden doors can be divided into flat doors according to the opening method (Also called sliding door)(P)Sliding Door (T)Folding door (Z)And spring door (H)Four. Among them, when the fixed part is combined with a flat door or a sliding door, it is a flat door or a sliding door. (2)Classified by internal structure. According to the structure of wooden doors, wooden doors can be divided into full solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and plywood molded hollow doors. A)Full solid wooden door (Solid door) : Wooden doors with completely unified external materials and internal materials. It refers to all kinds of wooden doors with this characteristic, including half glass doors and glass doors made of solid wood. Drying Wood is the key process of solid wood door manufacturing. B)Solid wood composite door (Laminate door) Refers to all kinds of solid doors made of various materials such as wood, wood-based panel, micro-veneer and so on, and refers to all wooden doors with the characteristics of this material. Under the increasingly scarce forest resources and the increasingly prominent contradiction between supply and demand of precious tree species, it is an effective means to comprehensively utilize wood. The adoption of veneer technology is the most prominent feature of composite doors. C)Molded door (Mold door) Wooden doors made of glued materials and wood are made of skeleton materials, and the solid wood surface layer of the original wooden door manufacturer is hollow ( No support area in 10cm × 10cm or more)The door is called a plywood molded hollow door.
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